Beats, Rhymes, and Euphoria: EPIK-HIGH Ignites the Stage in Singapore

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Southeast Asian fans of the legendary South Korean hip-hop group, EPIK HIGH, marked 23 September 2023 on their calendars with eager anticipation. The reason? The highly awaited return of EPIK HIGH to Singapore and the one-and-only Southeast Asia stop of their Asia tour, named “EPIK HIGH All Time High In Singapore”. The concert took place at the Pasir Panjang Power Station, providing an evening of incomparable musical enchantment destined to remain in fans' hearts forever. 
Before the concert began, the audience exuded an enthusiastic yet composed ambiance, engaging in quiet conversations among their own groups or fostering new friendships, all connected by their collective admiration for the band. The setlist contains hits from their early albums to selections from their most recent EP, “Strawberry”, in which the evening's concert kicked off, setting the stage for a 21-song, 90-minute of joy filled with pure exhilaration and relentless energy.
It’s good to be back (to Singapore) and we miss you very much,” Tablo expressed during the Singapore stop of their All Time High concert. “I am here to do one thing,” Tablo asserted. “To make you forget all the problems that exist right outside that door, everything that has been troubling you until about 5 minutes ago, I am here to make you forget, and enjoy, and smile, and love, and dream, and hope!” After the short introduction and greeting ment, the show was hyped with “Map The Soul” and “Eternal Sunshine”, to which energetic fans jumped and danced. 
Some other classic hits that followed include “Rosario”, “Burj Khalifa”, and “NO THANXXX”. EPIK HIGH also shared that the venue was atypical compared to their usual concert locations (which often involved performing in carpeted halls and theaters). In those settings, they were usually requested to tone down their energy - splashing the crowd with water. 
However, in Singapore, as revealed by Tablo himself, the local staff encouraged them to unleash as much water as they wished. “As EPIK HIGH is made up of 3 boys who listened to what they were told to”, Tablo humorously added. The trio benevolently sprayed water into the standing audiences, uncapping one bottle after another or spraying a few bottles at the same time as they delivered their fiery rap verses.
The mood was softer during “All Day”, “Eyes Nose Lips” and “Rain Song”, however, the trio remained undeterred, continuing to soak the first several rows with water and reigniting the intensity of the performance with “Fan” and “One”. Whether it was their older hits or more recent hits, EPIK HIGH maintained an electrifying atmosphere at Pasir Panjang Power Station. 
The time passed in a blink of an eye, and it took everyone by surprise when they announced the last few songs of the night. The audience eagerly unleashed their inner pop-punk energy on tracks like “Born Hater” and “Don't Hate Me.” 
Halfway through “Born Hater”, Tablo halted the song and specifically called out two gentlemen in the front row of the audience, commenting that despite the two gentlemen's apparent calmness throughout the past hour, they displayed an impressive sense of timing, knowing precisely when and what to shout out for. Yes, you guessed that right, it was the part with explicit languages. 
As the concert neared its conclusion, fans illuminated the venue with their mobile phones’ flash light, creating a sea of light for the group photo session. Every aspect of last Saturday’s EPIK HIGH performance in Singapore was truly remarkable. From the music to the overall vibe and atmosphere, the group delivered an unforgettable experience, leaving nothing behind but lasting memories. 
“EPIK HIGH All Time High Tour Singapore” was more than just a concert; it was a reunion of artists and their devoted supporters, a testament to the enduring power of music to unite people, and a night that will forever be carved in the memories of those fortunate enough to attend.

Article written by Jessica Lee
Photo credit to CK Start Entertainment

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