SEVENTEEN's Jun Co-Stars with Zhang Miao Yi For iQIYI High School Romance Drama 'Exclusive Fairytale'

Thursday, July 27, 2023

This summer, fans of high school romance dramas are in for a treat, with the upcoming launch of Exclusive Fairytale (独家童话) on 27 July. Adapted from the popular novel Once We Come Across Love (兔子压倒窝边草) by author Yi Jin (忆棉), this drama stars young actors Wen Junhui (文俊辉) (also known as Jun from K-pop male idol group SEVENTEEN) and Zhang Miaoyi (张淼怡). Not only were the fans so eager for the drama broadcast that they named themselves "Ling Jia Tu" (凌家兔), the number of reservations for the show have also exceeded 300,000 on iQIYI.
Directed by Gong Yushi (龚雨诗), Exclusive Fairytale is produced by Yu Rumao (于如茂), who was the chief producer of So Funny Youth (当你年少时). The series co-starred Wen Junhui, a member of popular Korean Pop band SEVENTEEN, and Zhang Miaoyi, a youthful girl who acted in several high school romance dramas. This drama marks Wen Junhui's first leading role in a high school romance drama, and his role as Lingchao, a sensitive and independent bright student, made many netizens express that they are looking forward to his brilliant performance in acting again after many years. As a child actor, he had appeared in many works such as Love Story (爱在屋檐下), My Mother (我的母亲), Intouchable (男神执事团), and more.
Leading the drama alongside him is Zhang Miaoyi, who most recently starred as Su Zaizai in the popular high school drama When I Fly Towards You (当我飞奔向你). In Exclusive Fairytale, she plays the role of Xiaotu, a cute and quirky girl who is always favoured by the other characters. Other than playing several similar roles in many romance dramas, Zhang Miaoyi gained popularity with her looks resembling veteran actor and singer, Ariel Lin (林依晨) and many netizens felt that she was born for high school romance dramas. With such a collaboration between a handsome, talented male lead and a cute, energetic female lead, this drama is definitely a must-watch!
In addition to the youthfulness that the actors brought to the drama, the combination of a gentle yet blur female lead and the proactive two-faced male lead made many netizens eagerly anticipate the character and plot development. Many readers of the novel also expressed that they felt that the cast of the drama was very similar to the original work upon seeing the poster.

No matter how old you are, you will definitely be moved by the love of these childhood sweethearts. The series will officially launch on July 27.

About Exclusive Fairytale:
Exclusive Fairytale is directed by Gong Yushi (龚雨诗), starring Wen Junhui (文俊辉) and Zhang Miaoyi (张淼怡). The story follows the sensitive and independent overachiever Ling Chao (played by Wen Junhui) and the carefree and adorable underachiever Xiao Tu (played by Zhang Miaoyi). They have known each other since birth and with the help of their parents and friends, this pair of childhood friends eventually embark on a sweet and romantic journey. Whether in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, or high school, Ling Chao and Xiao Tu are inseparable, and are unable to shake off their connection no matter how hard they try. It is only when Xiao Tu mistakenly believes that she has feelings for Yin Zihan (played by Xiong Aobo (熊奥博)) and nearly breaks friendship with Ling Chao that he realises the importance of Xiao Tu in his heart.

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