Lee Je Hoon enjoys his ‘Vacation’ in Singapore during Fan Meet

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Lee Je Hoon popped by Singapore on 25 March 2023 for his ‘Vacation’ fan meet stop! Best known for his series 'Taxi Driver', 'Taxi Driver 2' and 'Move to Heaven', the 38-year old actor gave his fans an amazing Saturday of memories over two fan meet timings, 2PM and 6PM. 

Despite the rain, dedicated fans managed to make their way to Stephen Riady Auditorium @ NTUC Business Centre for their favourite ‘Taxi Driver’, to which the actor expressed his gratitude towards. 

The star kickstarted the fan meet with a cheeky welcome: 

Lee Je Hoon: “Who are you waiting for?
Fans: “Je Hoon~~
Lee Je Hoon: “Ah, you’re waiting for your boyfriend?

Along with the host, the first segment was where fans got to know more about Lee Je Hoon, as well as his experiences and impressions of Singapore. The actor is no stranger to Singapore as he recounted his previous leisure trips.

Food is a topic not to be forgotten when visiting a country! The celebrity revealed that chicken rice is always his first meal in Singapore:

There was once I landed late and wasn’t supposed to eat as I had a schedule the next day. But I went ahead to order chicken rice!

Followed up with a question for food recommendations, fans gave witty answers like Jurong Point and Changi, openly inviting the actor to visit their home in these areas!

When asked to share a TMI, Lee Je Hoon answered, “I’m currently busy with my next project. It’ll be about financial crime, and I’ll be speaking a lot in English! Please look forward to it.” A while later, he also revealed a small spoiler for the ending of his latest drama “Taxi Driver 2”, “Do-Ki will be in big danger, and you might find me at somewhere unexpected… like a funeral”, leading to sighs of worry and anxiety from the fans.

It’s also known that Lee Je Hoon is a homebody:

Host: “What kind of clothes do you like to wear at home?
Lee Je Hoon: “My mother knows the best! I also like stripes. For summer, I don’t like to turn on the fan or air-con… guess what I like to wear?

He then proceeded to half-unbutton his top, much to the thrill of the audience!

During a question about exercises he do for action scenes, Lee Je Hoon gave his fans the time of their day by demonstrating some workout moves. He also said he doesn’t have abs anymore, to which the host said, “I don’t trust you! We must see!” Lee Je Hoon continued the tease by lifting his top a little, revealing a bit of his strong core. The hero of “Taxi Driver” is clearly being very humble! 

The first segment then ended with the actor doing a song cover of LANY’s “Thick & Thin”.

After a short break, the second segment began with the star of the day decked out in a sky blue outfit coupled with a ribbon top, giving off refreshing and youthful vibes.

The highlight of the fan meet was arguably the prize for a trivia quiz! The audience has to stand up and answer questions about Lee Je Hoon - if one gets the answer wrong, they’d have to sit down, leaving the last few remaining fans as the winners.

What do the winners get? A 1:1 photo opportunity with the actor himself onstage! Three dedicated fans were the final winners to win the photo of their lifetime.
It was then time for the fan meet to end. Ending with a hi-bye session, Lee Je Hoon showed his sincerity by telling fans he wants to look into their eyes, and remember them one by one.

I’ll come back to Singapore with better programs and shows!” the actor also promised.

We would like to thank Viu Singapore for the invitation.

Article by: Joreen
Photo credits: Viu Singapore

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