Jom Minum Milo with Park Seo Joon in Malaysia

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

MILO® has delighted thousands of Malaysians and made their dream to #JomMinumMILO (Let’s Drink MILO®) with Sahabat MILO® (Friend of MILO®) Park Seo-Jun come true. The special event held at Sunway Pyramid celebrated the Energetic Collaboration between MILO® x Park Seo-Jun which looks to energise Malaysians with MILO® variants that come in convenient, easy-to-carry stick packs to fuel any lifestyle – anytime, anywhere.
The MILO® stick pack variants are a wide range of nutritious products that is suitable for adults on-the-go who seek convenience and variety with the great taste of MILO®. The variants include MILO® 3-in-1, MILO® Original, MILO® with Whole Grain Cereal, MILO® Less Sugar and MILO® HI-FIBRE. These MILO® stick pack variants come with additional nutritional benefits and offers more goodness to meet the evolving needs of consumers including Park Seo-Jun who needs the energy to keep up with his active lifestyle and busy schedule. 
As a Sahabat MILO® who embodies the MILO® energy, Park Seo-Jun joins numerous notable Malaysian icons who have collaborated with MILO® to re-energise the range of MILO® stick pack variants. Ever since his first encounter with MILO®, Park Seo-Jun has developed a special bond with Malaysia’s favourite drink, discovering that the many MILO® stick pack variants are a fitting choice to keep him active.

The energetic performance by Sahabat MILO® (Friends of MILO®) with their rendition of the new MILO® song “Kitalah Juara” warmed up the crowd and served as a rousing welcome to Sahabat MILO® Park Seo-Jun. The thousands of who gathered were then treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of witnessing their favourite Sahabat MILO® Park Seo-Jun in action, while showing him just how much Malaysians love their MILO®. They were thrilled when he demonstrated his favourite way of enjoying MILO® and erupted in cheers when he invited them to join him for a cup of his favourite MILO® with the now iconic campaign tagline, “Jom Minum MILO®”. 
At the event, Sahabat MILO® Park Seo-Jun enthused, "I heard that MILO® is a brand that is loved by all Malaysians. And seeing everyone gathered here today, I can truly feel how much MILO® is being loved in Malaysia." 
Meanwhile, other MILO® activities excited shoppers of Sunway Pyramid and kept the energy going throughout the day, such as roadshow with special promotions, Malaysia’s all-time favourite MILO® from the MILO® truck and promotional materials featuring Sahabat MILO® Park Seo-Jun inviting everyone to #JomMinumMILO.

For further information on MILO® x Park Seo-Jun Energetic Collaboration, go to To stay energised with the range of MILO® stick pack variants below, make your purchase today from a store near you or online via Shopee or Lazada.

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