SUPER JUNIOR SUPER SHOW 9: ROAD To Kuala Lumpur 2022 filled up with hearts of E.L.F. Warmly

Friday, October 14, 2022

Super Junior has returned to Kuala Lumpur once again as part of their SUPER SHOW 9: ROAD Tour on 10th October 2022. Just like the date 10.10 , the group delivered a Perfect 10/10 performance for E.L.F. treating them with their stellar showmanship, wittiness and charisma. 

Even before the concert begins, the atmosphere proved Super Junior is indeed a group that fans has been longing for. It felt like home, as Super Junior has been active for 17 years! It was a special moment for E.L.F. as much as Super Junior accompanied them, they watched each other grew through the years. Feeling all kinds of nostalgic, reminiscing their early debut days to how far the group has accomplished as a group, units and individually.
A sea of the finest sapphier blue lightsticks as E.L.F. filled the arena. The loud cheer continues as fans anticipate their favourite idol appearance. Super Junior's greeted their Ever Lasting Friends (E.L.F.) by 'Burn(ing) The Floor' upholding 'The Crown' as world class performers while looking 'Super' fine singing 'Mr Simple'. 
If there's one thing we know, each of them looked super swish through the night. Their 2nd outfit change, got them looking a little alluring in black glittery performing to 'Ticky Tocky', 'Paradox' and 'Mystery'. 
After an amazing first part of the concert, they greeted fans enthusiastically and of course fan returned the enthusiasm loudly. It wouldn't be Super Junior if they did not bicker around with each other. The group teases their maknae Kyuhyun before he could finish his 'very very....'sentence by intercepting with 'strawberry , blueberry' and he concluded by speaking mandarin ζˆ‘δ»¬ηŽ©ηš„εΌ€εΏƒε₯½δΈε₯½ (Let's enjoy it well together). 

We have Donghae sending air kisses to fans and Eunhyuk was answered with a loud 'YES!' when asked if they had miss him. Ryeowook who arrived a day earlier than his members, had went around KL City for a tour and film for his vlog. Stay tuned for his upcoming vlog and his exploration within our city. The multilingual of the group, presented fans with some Malay greeting 'Saya rindu kamu' , 'Saya sedia hadiah kepada kamu' before showing finger heart in the cutest way possible! 
The night continued with various stages. Performance from their unit groups, we had ballad trio Super Junior K.R.Y. singing 'I Can't', 'Latte' by Leeteuk, Shindong and Siwon and Donghae & Eunhyuk (D&E) hyping the audience with 'B.A.D' and 'Danger'.
Super Junior always delivers their best on stage, as much as this has been often said. It was true! Their musical segment of the concert was not only entertaining but it proved for their vocal ability with 'SPY', 'Rokkugo' and 'Mamacita'. Some notable songs that the group performed that night were 'House Party', 'Everyday' with Leeteuk blowing confetti from his hands getting fans all swooned over, 'Devil' and 'Mango' got fans more frenzy with their star power, getting fans body moving with 'Black Suit', 'Sorry Sorry', 'Bonamana' and more! 
Sneak peek of the members personal bets, Siwon shared that he had a bet with Eunhyuk if he does not speak English throughout the night Eunhyuk would forgo his fees for the management and staff which Siwon ended up losing while trying to explain to fans why he hasn't been speaking English. Sorry Siwon but fans are glad that you communicated in English! It was only a night of Super Junior performing and singing for fans, Donghae whose birthday is coming up celebrated by having a surprise birthday song sung for him by E.L.F. Through the night, Super Junior brought and really gifted fans such a memorable evening. E.L.F. definitely went home with huge smile and possible a post-concert withdrawal. Once again, thank you Super Junior for bringing 'Happiness' and delivering a spectacular Super Show for E.L.F.! 
SUPER JUNIOR SUPER SHOW 9: ROAD To Kuala Lumpur 2022 is supported by Tourism Malaysia. Special thanks to the organiser Star Planet for the invitation.

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