K-Drama Fever is back this October on Astro

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

In October, K-fans can binge-watch more K-dramas, K-movies and K-variety shows and enjoy stories of romance, comedy, crime, family drama and friendship on TV via ONE (Ch 393 HD), tvN (Ch 395 HD), KBS World (Ch 392 HD), K-Plus (Ch 396 HD) and tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD). Fans can also stream available episodes anytime, anywhere via On Demand and Astro GO. 

Fans can look forward to the following premiering shows: 
  • Romance drama series Cheer Up premiering 24 hours after Korea, starring Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, Jang Gyu Ri and more, from 4 October on ONE (Ch 393 HD). 
  • Comedy drama series Gaus Electronics premiering 24 hours after Korea, starring Kwak Dong-Yeon, Go Sung-Hee, Bae Hyun-Sung, Kang Min-Ah and more, from 1 October on K-Plus (Ch 396 HD). 
  • Romance comedy drama series Three Bold Siblings starring Lee Ha Na, Im Joo Hwan and Lee Tae Sung, from 1 October on KBS World (Ch 392 HD). 
  • Crime drama series Bad Prosecutor starring Doh Kyung-Soo (EXO), Lee Se Hee and Ha Joon, from 13 October on KBS World (Ch 392 HD).  
  • Family drama series Vengeance of the Bride starring Park Ha-Na, Son Chang-Min and more, from 17 October on KBS World (Ch 392 HD). 
  • Romance drama series Romantic Hacker starring Kwon Hyun-bin, Im Na-young and Lee Su-woong, from 31 October on K-Plus (Ch 396 HD). 
  • Family drama series The Inheritors starring Lee Min-Ho, Park Shin-Hye and Kang Ha Neul, from 20 October on ONE (Ch 393 HD). 
  • Family movie Cassiopeia starring Seo Hyun-Jin, Ahn Sung-Ki and Joo Ye-Rim, on 22 October via tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD). 
  • Variety comedy show House on Wheels 4 about friendship premiering the Same Week as Korea, starring Sung Dong-il, Kim Hee-won and Rowoon (SF9), from 19 October on tvN (Ch 394 HD).
Programme Highlights:
Cheer Up [24 hours after Korea] [Premiere] 4 October, Tuesday & Wednesday, 8.10pm ONE (Ch 393 HD), On Demand & Astro GO 

Do Hae-Yi (Han Ji-Hyun), attends Yeonhee University. She prioritises earning money over going to school because of her family's dire financial position. She unexpectedly joins the cheerleading squad that has been around for 50 years. Do Hae-Yi meets a number of people in the club, including Park Jung-Woo (Bae In-Hyuk), Tae Cho-Hee (Jang Gyu-Ri), Joo Sun-Ja (Lee Eun-Saem), and Bae Young-Woong (Yang Dong-Geun). College romance blooms amongst these students and they embark on an emotional roller coaster of their first love.
Gaus Electronics [24 hours after Korea] [Premiere] 1 October, Saturday & Sunday, 8pm K-Plus (Ch 396 HD), On Demand & Astro GO 

The comedic yet relatable story of office workers from the marketing department in Gaus Electronics. Lee Sang-sik is a trouble maker who is oblivious to the mood of others. He is straightforward even to his seniors at work. Cha Na-rae is an assistant manager with a temper. Baek Ma-tan is the heir of a big firm who enters the company with dreams of becoming independent. Gun Gang-mi is known for her beauty in the office, but when she gets drunk, she unleashes a different side of herself.
Three Bold Siblings [Premiere] 1 October, Saturday & Sunday, 8pm KBS World (Ch 392 HD) 

Kim Tae-Joo (Lee Ha-Na) is the eldest of three siblings. She is warm-hearted and tolerant, but she also has a hot temper. She cuts off relationships with people whom she doesn’t like. One day, Kim Tae-Joo meets Lee Sang-Joon (Lim Ju-Hwan) again after many years. They attended the same elementary school. Lee Sang-Joon is a popular actor. He is sensitive, imaginative, and smart. He is also the eldest sibling in his family. Since he was a child, he has been loved by his family deeply. His family was once in debt, but, after Lee Sang-Joon became successful, he paid off their debt and continues to support them financially. During filming for an acting project, Lee Sang-Joon gets injured and goes to the hospital. There he meets his first love Kim Tae-Joo, whom he knew when he was an elementary school student.
Bad Prosecutor [Premiere] 13 October, Thursday & Friday, 9.05pm KBS World (Ch 392 HD) 

An action-investigative drama that revolves around a “bad prosecutor” who tries to take down the sanctuaries of the wealthy, the powerful and those who live above the law.
Vengeance of the Bride [Premiere] 17 October, Monday to Friday, 8.25pm KBS World (Ch 392 HD) 

Eun Seo-Yeon (Park Ha-Na) is a warm and friendly woman. She runs a small business that produces cosmetics and she sells them on the internet. She also works at a make-up salon. In her past, she and her parents were very close with Kang Baek-San (Son Chang-Min). He now runs a large cosmetics company. One day, Eun Seo-Yeon learns that Kang Baek-San is responsible for her parents’ tragedy. She becomes determined to take revenge on him for his past deeds. Following her plan, she marries Kang Tae-Poong (Kang Ji-Sub), who is Kang Baek-San’s son.
Romantic Hacker [Premiere] 31 October, Monday, 8pm K-Plus (Ch 396 HD), On Demand & Astro GO

An extreme brain game of genius hackers surrounding the international exchange between the white & black hackers!
The Inheritors [Premiere] 20 October, Tuesday & Wednesday, 6.55pm ONE (Ch 393 HD), On Demand & Astro GO 

The series follows a group of wealthy, privileged high school students as they are about to take over their families' business empires, overcoming difficulties and growing every step of the way.
Cassiopeia [Premiere] 22 October, Saturday, 10pm tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD), On Demand & Astro GO 

Soo-jin is a lawyer and loving mother who tries to live a fulfilling life with her daughter after divorce, but things start to fall apart when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. 

House on Wheels 4 [Same Week as Korea] [Premiere] 19 October, Wednesday, 10.30pm tvN (Ch 395 HD), On Demand & Astro GO 

Variety show ‘House On Wheels’ is back with season 4! This time, Sung Dong-il and Kim Hee-won are joined by a new ‘maknae’- Rowoon from SF9!

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