(G)-IDLE Wraps Up First Sold Out Concert in Malaysia, Promise To Return With Better Stage & Music

Monday, September 19, 2022

((G)I-DLE performed their first-ever concert in Malaysia on September 8 at Zepp, Kuala Lumpur, as part of their first world tour, "JUST ME ()I-DLE," which began in Seoul in June. Thousands of fans waited in line early in the morning to get the best view of the girls in the sold-out show. 

(G)I-DLE kicked off the show with "Oh My God," followed by "Villain Dies" and "Latata."

During the concert, the girls expressed gratitude for finally meeting their enthusiastic fans, Neverlands. 
"Oh My God, Kuala Lumpur! It was (you all are) the best group I have ever had!" said Yuqi. 
Fans were overjoyed to hear Yuqi and Shuhua greeting them in Mandarin.

(G)I-DLE continued to perform with "Blow Your Mind" and "Senorita." During the second greeting session, the girls told the crowd that they produced their own songs and asked fans to look forward to their upcoming albums that will include more of their own productions.

The show then transitioned into a charming rendition of "Dumdi Dumdi," "Luv U," "HANN (Alone in Winter)," and "HANN (Alone)." The girls explained that the secret to both HANN (Alone in Winter) and HANN (Alone) is that both songs have a connected story. Yuqi praised Soyeon for writing meaningful lyrics and called her a genius. 

The energy of the crowd remained high as the girls later performed "Moon," "Already," and "Hwaa." The group explained that they had a lot of songs they wanted to include in this concert but couldn't because of conceptual differences and other factors. But to not disappoint the fans, the group performed a short rendition of the songs that were not included in the setlist. Even in acapella, their voices were undeniably angelic!

The songs "Lion," "Liar," "Never Stop Me," and "Uh Oh" came after the sweet impromptu acapella performance. (G)I-DLE then taught their fans the choreography of "My Bag," followed by a powerful live version of the song.

Following their performance of "POP/STAR," the girls were asked to express their feelings about the concert in one word. Check out what they said here:

(G)I-DLE ended the show with their chart-topping single "TOMBOY," but fans couldn't get enough. Neverlands began chanting for an encore stage, prompting the band to return to the stage for encore performances of "I'm The Trend" and "Escape".

At the end of the concert, the fans surprised Yuqi with an early birthday celebration, whose birthday falls on September 23rd. To our surprise, Yuqi revealed that day was her Chinese Calendar birthday! Yuqi stated, "My Chinese Calendar birthday is today, one day before the Mid-Autumn Festival! I am so grateful that my fans prepared these for me." 

As they finished the show, the group expressed their desire to return to meet Malaysian Neverlands soon. We hope (G)I-DLE will return as soon as possible!

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