Spotify Revamps Playlist to K-Pop ON! (온)

Monday, March 07, 2022

Spotify K-Pop Daebak playlist is now called K-Pop ON! (오).

K-Pop ON! (온) embodies the idea that ‘K-Pop is always on 100 for the whole world’. The new name is a double-entendre — combining the Korean word ‘온’ meaning, ‘100’, or ‘whole,’ with the English word ‘on’ to display the action of ‘turning on,’ a word that’s accessible to many languages around the world. K-Pop has exploded into an infectious global phenomenon and is taking over the ’whole (온)’ world. Every day in the K-Pop dreamland, there are new songs, styles, and trends and the K-Pop fandom is always-on. With K-Pop ON! (온), you’re not just turning on a playlist, you’re turning on the movement.

With over 230% growth in listening and with almost 8 Billion monthly streams globally, the genre has definitely taken over Spotify – as noted by the over 4.7M searches for “K-Pop” on the platform across the last 90 days. 

To celebrate the launch, K-Pop fans can also look forward to a wide swath of some of their favorite K-Pop artists including NMIXX, BTS, aespa, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, NCT Dream, SEVENTEEN, ATEEZ and more on billboards around the world including LA, NYC, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Toronto, with more exciting content to come across the platform and Spotify’s owned channels.

Turn On the Movement with K-Pop ON! (온):

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