BANG YONGGUK Drops 1st Solo Album [2]

Monday, March 07, 2022

YONGGUK, a former leader of boy group B.A.P, is back with his sophomore album [2] after his first solo album, BANGYONGGUK, in 2019. His new album [2] narrates the stories of YONGGUK, his journey as an artist up until now, who has lived through unpredictable changes ever since he was born. Ahead of the release of this new album, YONGGUK released his single, “RACE,” at the end of 2021.
His straightforward stories are told across six tracks of the album and cover topics of love and hate, joy and sadness under a broader keyword of life. [2] is also a trace of BANG YONGGUK’s constant struggle to get out of a small world by discovering arts and social culture. In this album, he decided to add new stories to his own mood, which is often described as “mostly dark, serious, and gloomy.” The album [2] represents a connection between surrealistic identity and realistic identity that is living in a recognizable world.

Watch 'Up' Music Video:

photo credit: Consent 

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