3 KDramas to End Your 2021 on a Good Note

Sunday, December 26, 2021


This year, with the pandemic still keeping most of us at home, many of us have sought to spending our free time binge-watching KDramas and we have been blessed with plenty remarkable dramas!

Here are some of our KDrama picks for 2021.

Inspector Koo

Lee Young Ae as Inspector Koo Kyung-Yi

Starring Lee Young Ae, ‘Inspector Koo’ tells a story of a former police officer in her 40s, who now works as a private detective and insurance investigator.

Compared to other thriller or mystery films, the drama is directed in a rather unconventional yet refreshing manner. Slightly dark yet entertaining with a perfect mix of comedy and mystery, viewers can expect to be hooked on ‘Inspector Koo’.


ATEEZ Yunho (Yujin), Jung Ji-so (Maha), UKISS Jun (Kwon Ryeok), T-ARA Jiyeon (La Lima)
Based on a webtoon with the same title, ‘Imitation’ talks about the life of idols, on-stage and off-stage, giving a snippet of the reality behind the glamorous lives of idols.

With the star-studded cast, namely UKISS Jun, T-ARA Jiyeon, members of ATEEZ (Yunho, Jongho, Seonghwa & San) and SF9 (Hwiyoung & Chani), the drama will show the hardships of idols, and how they will eventually make their breakthrough in their industry.
‘Imitation’ also brings together a great album of original soundtracks.

With majority of the cast members being idols themselves, they have professionally showcased their talents from a performer on stage, to an actor or actress on set.
‘Imitation’ will bring comfort, hope and many heart-warming moments to viewers. 

Racket Boys
Son Sang Yeon (Yoon Dam), Tang Joon Sang (Hae Kang), Kim Kang Hoon (Yong Tae), Choi Hyun Wook (Woo Chan)
‘Racket Boys’ is a sports drama, where middle school badminton teams from Haenam, come together to attend competitions and forge friendship with one another. Viewers can look forward to the witty characters and touching stories in the drama. 

Written by Jung Bo-Hoon (writer of Prison Playbook), ‘Racket Boys’ will be an emotional roller coaster with hilarious scenes to heart-wrenching moments.

We would like to thank all directors, actors, actresses and production staff for producing such great masterpieces in these difficult times.

Photo Credits: HanCinema

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