Cast of 'The Silent Sea' are over the moon at Press Conference

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Director Choi Hang-yong, Writer Park Eun-Kyo, Lee Mu-Saeng, Kim Sun-young, Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, Lee Joon, Lee Sungwook and Executive Producer Jung Woosung

When survival of all humanity is threatened, what risks and decisions do we have to take and follow to ensure our survival?

On 22 December, the cast of Netflix's upcoming sci-fi, mystery-thriller film, 'The Silent Sea', attended the online media conference, together with Director Choi Hang-yong, Writer Park Eun-Kyo and Executive Producer Jung Woosung.

The set of the media conference was supposed to be the surface of the moon. The cast members arriving at the conference were 'landing on the moon', an extremely apt concept with 'The Silent Sea'.

The cast members expressed their excitement meeting one another again since their last shoot and also mentioned how the set of the media conference allowed them to recall the memories they had filming 'The Silent Sea'.

Director of 'The Silent Sea', Director Choi Hang-yong
Director Choi infomed that the series, 'The Silent Sea', is actually based on his graduation work. Adapted from Director Choi's short film, which garnered attention at the 2014 Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival, he has expanded the story from it being focused on outer space originally, to now depicting the story on Earth and mankind.

"I wanted to create something true to my passion, that is physically on the moon," shared the talented and ambitious Director Choi.

Writer of 'The Silent Sea', Writer Park Eun-kyo
Writer Park Eun-kyo shared that a lot of research was done for the show and it was a long time in the making. As there are not many similar genres of such projects produced domestically yet, the writer added that it was a fun topic to explore and create.

Bae Doona, plays Song Jian in The Silent Sea
The A-list actress, Bae Doona, plays Song Jian, a well-known astrobiologist and ethologist, who took up the special mission to the moon to learn the truth behind an accident that happened 5 years ago.

When asked why she took up the role of Song Jian, the actress replied, "Korean sci-fi is a big challenge, I read the script and it was great so I took up the challenge."Bae Doona also commented that 'The Silent Sea' will create food for thought and touch on social issues, which will be able to intrigue viewers.

When asked about the spacesuits that the cast members had to put on throughout the filming of the series, the actress revealed that the spacesuits weighed a significant 8.5kg (without the helmet and life support). 

Bae Doona revealed that the team tried their best for the suit to be as light as possible, but it was still heavy and it was also almost difficult to breathe in the helmet, which allowed her and the other cast members to feel like they were really on the moon.

Gong Yoo, plays Han Yunjae in The Silent Sea
Similar to Bae Doona, the A-list actor Gong Yoo, has also received much attention on his character as Han Yunjae. The actor plays the youngest captain of the Space and Aeronautics Administration's Expedition Team.

The actor revealed that he accepted the role as he wanted to challenge himself in the genre and series, and that he found no reason to not join this project of 'The Silent Sea'.

"I'm also interested in a dystopian world backdrop and it was refreshing,", commented Gong Yoo, who expressed his satisfaction of the series.

The actor also talked about the spacesuit and use of wires for the filming, stating that it restricted easy movement, as if there was really zero gravity.

Lee Joon, plays Ryu Taesuk in The Silent Sea
The versatile idol-actor, Lee Joon, plays the chief engineer and former Ministry of National Defense elite. Lee Joon also revealed that he is very interested in outer space and that one of his hobbies included looking up information and researching on the outer space matters.

He also candidly mentioned that behind-the-scenes, the cast members will be dancing on the filming set and having fun together.

Lee Joon also expressed his joy to be in many productions that are currently airing.

Kim Sun-young, plays Doctor Hong Gayoung in The Silent Sea
Kim Sun-young plays the vital role of Doctor Hong Gayoung, the genius team doctor who is responsible for the lives of her crew members on the mission to the moon.

The actress joked that she said "yes" to the role upon seeing Jung Woosung as the Executive Producer for the project. Kim Sun-young continued to express her respect for the Jung Woosung as an executive producer and actor himself, by sharing episodes on her prior interactions with him, showing his passion in his works.

Lee Mu-saeng, plays Gong Soohyuk in The Silent Sea
Lee Mu-saeng plays the role of Gong Soohyuk, the chief security officer for the expedition team and the older brother of Soochan. Strong yet silent, Soohyuk stays true to the mission while putting his life on the line.

The actor also commented that he wanted to play the role of Soohyuk as the character is very cool and calm even in dire situations and he wanted to protray the coolness of the character.

When asked what item he will bring if he had the opportunity to go to the moon (again), Lee Mu-saeng replied that he will bring a stuffed animal along to hug.

Lee Sung-wook, plays Kim Sun
Lee Sung-wook plays Kim Sun, the pilot of the spaceship. Nicknamed the 'Top Gun' in space, Kim Sun has a knack for lightening the mood of the crew.

The director and writer were both singing praises of the actor as they talked about how Lee Sung-wook brought the character of Kim Sun to live!

Executive Producer of The Silent Sea, Jung Woosung
Well-known as a veteran actor, Jung Woosung is also the executive producer of 'The Silent Sea'. He revealed that it was a new challenge for him as the project was a series and he had to ensure that everything on set had to be portrayed well for the cast members to be immersed in their role.

The cast members expressed their gratitude to the executive producer for being on every filming set with them. Bae Doona and Gong Yoo also praised the executive producer for his keen eye for details and diligence in the project.

Being an experienced actor, the cast members voiced that Jung Woosung was able to know when the cast might feel uncomfortable or have difficulty filming in specific scenes and he will always be there to guide them along.

When asked about what grade he will give himself as an executive producer, Jung Woosung humbly said that he should not grade himself and he will wait for viewers to watch 'The Silent Sea' for their response.

With no hesitation, Gong Yoo almost jumped up from his chair, raising his hand, saying that he will give Jung Woosung a 10 out of 10 as the executive producer!

Closing the media conference, Bae Doona and Gong Yoo also very aptly planted a flag on the 'moon' (set of the media conference), signifying the launch of 'The Silent Sea' in 2 days' time.

Wrapping up the media conference, the cast also shared their ending comments:

Bae Doona: We have been waiting for the release for a long time, please tune in to 'The Silent Sea" on Netflix on 24th!

Gong Yoo: Now that we have gathered here (for the media conference), the memories on how we inspire one another, touched me. I am so happy about the release of 'The Silent Sea' and I hope that many people around the world will enjoy it!

Lee Joon: 24th December is a great timing to tune in as you can can have a heart-warming Christmas while watching 'The Silent Sea'.

Kim Sun-young: You will be able to see teamwork that you can't find anywhere else!

Lee Mu-saeng: We have been excited about the series and now it is time for viewers to be excited about it!

Lee Sungwook: First of all, I am very touched as this media conference reminds me of the shooting for the project. Thank you viewers and fans that will have fun watching 'The Silent Sea' and Korean content.

Launching on Netflix this Christmas Eve, 'The Silent Sea' tells a story of the dystopian future when natural resources, needed for human survival, have depleted on Earth. An elite crew was sent on a special mission to a research base on the moon. The story continues to unfold more mysteries during their mission and suspicious findings on the moon.

Watch the official trailer here:

Photo Credits: Netflix

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