'Hellbound' Cast bring viewers to a world of Living Hell

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Cast of 'Hellbound': Yang Ik-June, Yoo Ah-In, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jeong Min and Won Jin-ah
What would you do if you knew the exact date and time that you are bound for hell?

On 16 November, the cast of the upcoming  Netflix series, 'Hellbound', Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jeong Min, Won Jin-a, Yang Ik-june and Director Yeon Sang-ho, attended the online press conference to share more about the highly-anticipated thriller-fantasy series.

The cast shared more on their first impression on the series 'Hellbound':

Director Yeon, who directed the global hit movies 'Train To Busan', 'Peninsula' and more, shared that directing the series 'Hellbound', had no significant difference as compared to directing movies. 

Director of Netflix's 'Hellbound', Director Yeon Sang-Ho
"If I had to compare directing movies and series, I would say that there is not much of a significant difference as I am working with the same group of staff so filming a series compared to a movie is quite similar except that there are different running times. Filming a series is like filming a few movies back-to-back and in fact, I enjoyed it more." shared Director Yeon.

Director Yeon also mentioned that although 'Hellbound' depicts supernatural events, viewers can focus on the message and intent of the show: to take a look at our present society today and to figure out what is right and wrong.

'Hellbound' has also been forecasted as Director Yeon's best work yet.

Q: How did you portray your role as Jung Jin-soo in 'Hellbound'?

Yoo Ah-in, plays cult leader Jung Jin-soo in Hellbound

Yoo Ah-In: I did not have to put much thought into my acting as the script was perfect. I followed the script and Director Yeon's instructions and thought of what Jin-soo would have done. I did not make any special preparations for the role, instead, I immersed myself into the environment and the storyline.

Director Yeon also sang praises about the actor and mentioned that he was confident that Yoo Ah-In was perfect for the role of Jin-soo.

We are ready for more spine-chilling acting from Yoo Ah-In!

Q: Tell us more about your character, Min Hye-Jin.

Kim Hyun-Joo, plays lawyer Min Hye-Jin in Hellbound
Kim Hyun-joo: Min Hye-Jin is a lawyer who defies 'The New Truth'. She helps people who are bounded for hell and she is against Jin-soo who condemns the man-made legal system which she truly believes in.
Min Hye-Jin is a mysterious and righteous character who is always grounded, and a character who will get back up if she falls.
Seen as a trusted member of the industry throughout her career by Director Yeon, he expressed that the actress is a valuable addition to the cast.

Flawed yet grounded to her beliefs and morals, viewers can look forward to the true human character of Min Hye-Jin in 'Hellbound'.

Park Jeong-min, plays Bae Young-Jae in Hellbound

The actor introduced his character as a normal man who lives for his family. When his family member gets involved in the supernatural events, he has no choice but to be drawn into the story to save his loved ones.

In fact, Park Jeong-min also shared that he is a huge fan of the webtoon and even wrote a recommendation of it!

The story of Bae Young-Jae begins in the second half of the series, where he brings a fresh new start to the series, and he will be a character whom the audience is able to connect and empathise with.

We would say that Park Jeong-min's passionate acting is indeed one of the main highlights that viewers should anticipate in Hellbound!

Won Jin-A, plays Song So-Hyun in Hellbound

Actress Won Jin-A plays Song So Hyun, the wife of Bae Young-Jae. The actress expressed that she followed the flow of her character and delivered her lines thinking of how people will react differently in such a situation. 

In the series, So Hyun conveys the confusion, sadness and desperation of an individual living in the supernatural and twisted world where anyone could be bounded for hell.

"When I think of hell, I think of a fiery pit. But actually, if the society is twisted, I think the society is also hell when people cannot differentiate between what is right and wrong." shared the actress, when asked about how 'Hellbound' has changed her personal beliefs.

Get ready for a roller-coaster of emotions for the talented Won Jin-A!

Yang Ik-June, plays Jin Kyung-Hoon in Hellbound
Yang Ik-June, plays Jin Kyung-Hoon in Hellbound, a detective who does not believe in 'The New Truth' and views the supernatural events as murder cases.

The actor disclosed that when he was feeling a little unsatisfied with his performance for a scene in the series, his on-screen daughter, actress Lee Re encouraged him and handed him a cookie.

"It was so comforting. Lee Re cheered for me and she was a delight to have on set. Thank you Lee Re!" voiced the actor who conveyed his gratitude to the child actress.

Cast of 'Hellbound', together with Director Yeon Sang-Ho

Before the press conference came to an end, the cast and Director Yeon shared their closing comments and revealed what viewers can keep in mind while watching 'Hellbound'.

Director Yeon: I hope that Hellbound provides viewers some 'food for thought'.

Yoo Ah In: The trailer shows many stories, and I hope that viewers can concentrate on how you feel while watching the series and focus on your own emotions. I hope that Hellbound will be a memorable series for viewers.

Kim Hyun Joo: I hope that viewers will look back on what you feel is valuable in your life and enjoy the series.

Park Jeong-min: I hope that viewers will enjoy Hellbound and get a chance to think about our present world and where we stand.

Won Jin-A: There are many other great characters in the series that viewers can look forward to and we hope that you will enjoy the show.

Yang Ik-June: I have not seen the final version of the series myself, so let us all meet on Netflix, 19 November!

'Hellbound' tells a story of the future world that becomes a living hell, where supernatural events occur: otherworldly beings appear out of nowhere to issue a decree and condemn individuals to hell. These events lead to the the creation of 'The New Truth', a religious group, that influenced the world to their dubious assumptions and beliefs.

Check out the main trailer below and watch how mysteries and truths start to unfold.

Photo Credits: Netflix

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