Listen All Rounder B.I 1st Solo Half Album 'COSMOS' If You Haven

Monday, November 15, 2021

All rounder B.I, releases his first solo half album, COSMOS on 11 November and the title track of the same name has skyrocketed to over 1 million views in just a few hours, with current views 9.3million (as we write on 15 Nov). Having participated in all the writing and composing throughout this album, B.I states “COSMOS, the title of this half album, is the name of a flower but it also means "universe." I have always liked the word “unchanged” more than the word “forever," because I once believed that things didn't last forever.” He elaborates; “Your love, which is impossible to put into words, was what kept me alive even during the hard times. So now I want to love you forever. What is your cosmos? You are my cosmos.

Consisting of 7 tracks, B.I’s half album 'COSMOS', explores the kind of love that makes you dream about eternity and allows you to give everything without anything in return. What was the love that gave birth to new cosmos in your life? Who was it that made your heart race to the point of bursting? This is the story about the times when unadulterated love filled the universe, and of different forms of love-fueled passions. 
B.I drew inspiration for the lyrics for “Alive” from German Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, who once said “A ship sailing far away cannot go quietly without encountering wind waves. Wind waves are always the friends of the advancing one's. There is rather life's joy in hardship. What a monotonous voyage without a wind wave! The more hardships I suffer, the more my heart beats.” Ranging from HipHop/Rap, to R&B; we see the title track “COSMOS,” a song about eternal love, stand out on its own with a more rock heavy sound.
Recently, B.I has also partnered up with major media LiveXLive for his first online solo concert with Pink Sweat$, Afgan, Epik High, and Destiny Rogers; resulting in multiple Worldwide Twitter trends. In only a matter of hours, B.I’s concert jumped to not only the #1 Twitter trend, but also #2 and #3: #비아이_첫솔콘_1열탑승, #1stOnlineConcertBI, B.I ROCK THE STAGE. On top of that, "Remember Me," a song from B.I’s previous album released in June, has recently reentered the melon charts within the top 100. Currently ranked at #87, this is a rare occurrence on the Korean Charts for an album released months prior.
'COSMOS' comes fresh off the release of B.I x Bipolar Sunshine x Afgan - Lost At Sea (Illa Illa 2), which Rolling Stone referred to as “...a sweeping, tropical-tinged track.” The original version of “Illa Illa,” which TIME Magazine listed as one of “The Best K-Pop Songs of 2021 So Far,” was part of B.I’s first full-length studio album, Waterfall, released back in June. The music video for “Illa Illa” broke a record of 12.7 million views in 24 hours, making B.I the most viewed male solo artist debut music video within the first 24 hours. 
Additionally, his album Waterfall was #1 on iTunes in 24 countries. Most simply put, this track is about hope, B.I elaborates; “I wrote the song wishing that it could provide comfort to those that listen to it. Everyone has their own struggles whether it be with relationships, work, family, loneliness. As much as it can seem difficult at the time, there is a beach in the distance. To remember that every chapter that closes just means that a new chapter is about to begin.


photo credit: 131LABEL

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