[SPECIAL PROMO] Satisfy your craving with K Fry Urban Korean - Start Your Mukbang During the Weekend

Saturday, October 02, 2021

Craving for Korean fried chicken or looking for a fancy Korean meal to treat yourself? K Fry Urban Korean is the perfect choice to fuel your food cravings. They are now offering a 15% off to our readers who spend RM50 and above for online order, https://www.kfry.my/order-online/! Apply the code <KFRY-GOKPOP> upon check out. 

What to Eat? 

Chikin Sando Series

Spicy Buldak Chicken Sando - RM19.90 | Korean Fried Chicken Sando - RM18.90 | Bulgogi Chikin Sando - RM18.90
Order here: https://www.kfry.my/order-online/

We get to try the signature K Fry Sando Series which comes with Spicy Buldak Chicken Sando (RM19.90), Korean Fried Chicken Sando (RM18.90) and Bulgogi Chikin Sando (RM18.90). Sando Series are filled with mouth-watering crispy fried chicken, topped with soft buns and SeKret sauce that added some FIRE. It's also one of our favourite series among all! If you prefer a healthier choice, pick Bulgogi Chikin Sando which comes with flavourful grilled bulgogi chicken thigh that topped with Gogi Mayo sauce.

Must-try: 5/5

Jjajang Series

Chicken Jjajangmyeon - RM18.90 | Chicken Jjajangbap - RM17.90
Order here: https://www.kfry.my/order-online/

Jjajang series are definitely the perfect go-to dish for your late night k-drama sessions - the sauce is savoury but somewhat slightly sweet, it goes well with both rice or noodles. If you're a noodle person try the Chicken Jjajangmyeon (Korean black bean sauce noodle - RM18.90), if you're into rice then try the Chicken Jjajangbap (Korean black bean sauce over rice - RM17.90). 

Must-try: 4/5


Strawberry Cream Cheese Croffle - RM14.90 | Salted Caramel Biscoff Croffle - RM12.90
Order here: https://www.kfry.my/order-online/

Last but not least, we tried the newly launched Strawberry Cream Cheese Croffle (RM14.90) and also Salted Caramel Biscoff Croffle (RM12.90). Both Croffles are the absolute delight - sweet, crispy and buttery. If you prefer a sweet and fruity flavour, try the strawberry cream cheese but if you prefer a combination of sweet and salty then pick the salted caramel biscoff instead. 

K Fry is having a sweet deal which you can get 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream for free when you purchase 2 croffles of your choice! 

Must-try: 5/5

We all get cravings for a particular food occasionally but with wide variety of K-food choices, we are sure K-Fry will get your craving fixed. Don't forget to apply the code <KFRY-GOKPOP> upon check out and get your special 15% off when you spend and above at https://www.kfry.my/order-online/

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