Falling in love 'Nevertheless'... A Steamy Romance Series You Do Not Want To Miss!

Saturday, June 19, 2021

On 18th of June, Netflix held an online press conference for their upcoming Korean drama "Nevertheless" featuring lead actress Han So-hee, lead actor Song Kang and director Kim Ga-ram

The drama tells the story of a blossoming romance between two art school classmates portrayed by actors Song Kang and Han So-hee. Yu Na-bi (Han So-hee) doesn’t trust love but wants to date, while Park Jae-eon (Song Kang) enjoys flirting but thinks dating is a nuisance. Despite their differing viewpoints on love and dating, they begin a flirty friends-with-benefits relationship

The 10-episode series is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, which has been enjoyed by fans all over the world. Producing director Kim Ga-ram and Han So-hee also mentioned that they are fans of the original webtoon

Song Kang talked about how the script had appealed to him because “it had that sweetness of romance that we expect of young love, but there were other things that differentiated the story and made it stand out.”  He shared that Park Jae-eon is someone with an icy image who does not talk or show his inner feelings. Song Kang said, "I put a lot of effort in pulling it off". 
"Jae-eon's weakness is love. He thinks being in a relationship is frivolous but he still seeks out romance. His growth after his encounter with Nabi would be something the audience can anticipate", Song Kang added. 
Kim Ga-ram talked about the title of the series and how relatable it will be for viewers. She explained how despite knowing that you’ll be hurt, you can fall for someone. Nevertheless depicts the romance that happens despite all of the hurt and despair. 
Han So-hee also shared how she “hopes the audience will find my character relatable” and how she “wanted to be real and raw” in portraying her character’s emotions. 

She said, "I feel 50% similar with Na-bi. She knows that the relationship with Jae-eon is dangerous yet she falls into it anyway. I used to be like Nabi, but since I've experienced that and move past it, we are no longer the same. But I do resonate with her."

The casting of Song Kang and Han So-hee garnered a lot of attention and buzz for being alike with the character in the webtoon. Kim Ga-ram said, “When I read the original webtoon, I thought of Song Kang and Han So-hee. Thankfully, they really liked the webtoon and wanted to work with me.” Both actors have been praised for being in sync with their characters.  

Song Kang and Han So-hee talked about how being the same age helped them develop a friendship and contribute to great chemistry.  On complimenting each other, Song Kang thinks Han So-hee is a very flexible person, and whatever he throws at her during filming, she will receive and respond it well. 

He added that, "when I first knew about this offer, I think Han So-hee really looks a lot like Nabi from the webtoon. She has a frank character and I am very happy to work together with her."

Meanwhile, Han So-hee thinks Song Kang is a bubbly person who always bring good energy to people around him.

Han So-hee: "Everyone who has ever been in love know what kind of feeling they will go through. While watching Nevertheless, some people might reminisce about the past and spark hope to fall in love again!"

There will also be some episodes rated 19+ in order to show their flirtatious and sexy relationship. Song Kang teased, “There’s a lot of heart-fluttering scenes in our drama.” Fans can only stay tuned to find out! 

Don’t miss out on the romance when the first episode of Nevertheless premieres on 20 June at 12AM MYT with new episodes every Sunday, only on Netflix!
Image courtesy to Netflix

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