Lee Je Hoon, Tang Jun-Sang & Hong Seung-Hee Tell Heart-Warming Story @ 'Move to Heaven' Press Conference

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

'Move to Heaven' brings together a refreshing ensemble cast of Lee Je-hoon, who never fails to impress audiences; Tang Jun-sang, a rising star with 11 years of acting experience under his belt; and Hong Seung-hee, whose cheerful spirits draw people in. Set to release on 14 May, the 10-episode drama talks about Geu-ru (starring Tang Jun-Sang), a young man with Asperger's syndrome and Sang-gu (starring Lee Je-hoon) who becomes his guardian overnight. When Geu-ru's father Jung-woo suddenly passed away, Sang-gu has to live with Geu-ru for 3 months to help with the work as trauma cleaners - where they clean up crime scenes and organise the belongings of the deceased.

Earlier this morning, the main cast Lee Je-hoon, Tang Jun-sang, Hong Seung-hee and director Kim Sung-ho sat down with the press and talked about the heartwarming story behind 'Move to Heaven'.

Q: What does 'Move to Heaven' mean to you?

Hong Seung-hee: To me, I think it's like a four seasons. If you see the series, you'll feel the same way too. You'll go through a wide range of emotions. Sometimes you feel warm sometimes you'll feel the heat within.

Q: Lee Je-hoon, you have played many iconic roles in different dramas/movies, so how different was your role on 'Move to Heaven' compared to other roles you've played in the past?

Lee Je-hoon: It's interesting that Sang-gu has the character that is a total opposite of me and the character that I played before. From other people's point of view, Sang-gu has no manner and is a person that you don't really want to be close to. All the traumatic experiences that he been through made him who he was and at Sang-gu point of view, I feel sorry for him. But after meeting Geu-ru he feels warm and not lonely anymore and realised that it's actually happy to be with people. I'm also very proud on his personal growth.

Q: Jun-sang, do you feel pressure taking your first main role in 'Move to Heaven'?

Tang Jun-Sang: It's such an honoured to join Netflix original series and as the main role for 'Move to Heaven'. It's not easy to portray the character and so I talked a lot with the director and the writer. I did feel a little bit of pressure before the shoot but thanks to Je-hoon and Seung-hee I feel at ease and also get to learn many things from them during the shoot. 

Q: Seung-hee, tell us more about your character as Na-mu.

Hong Seung-hee: Compared to my character in Navillera, the character Na-mu is lively and has a positive energy. You can see a different side of Seung-hee through the show. 

Q: Which episode that is most memorable and most retable to you? 

Tang Jun-Sang: It's episode 5 which talks about a couple. The story is kinda like Sherlock Homes which I have to find clues and figure out what will happen next.

Hong Seung-hee: For me, it's episode 5 as well, I heard similar stories about the incident prior to shooting so I felt the same emotions when I portrayed the scene.

Lee Je-hoon: I wouldn't wanna give much spoiler but it's episode 1. The story about a married couple who came to pick up their son's belongings. I felt quite sad and kinda relate to it. Watch 'Move to Heaven' to find out more!

Created through the collaboration among people who share a deep understanding of, connection to, and affection for, the message of the series, Move to Heaven definitely will attract the attention of viewers around the world.

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