[EXCLUSIVE] Kim Bora, Shim Eun-Woo & Ryu Hwa Young Talks About Romance K-Drama 'Love Scene Number#'

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Valentine's Day may be over, but love is certainly in the air this month. On March 13, Korean romance drama, Love Scene Number # starring Kim Bora, Shim Eun-Woo, Ryu Hwa-Young and Park Jin-hee is set to air a marathon of all eight-episodes on Oh!K (Astro Ch.394) on Saturday and Sunday at 6PM. The eight-episode omnibus tells four different romance stories featuring four female characters who are each at a turning point in their lives when it comes to love, dating, and their values. 

Over email, we spoke to Kim Bo-Ra, Shim Eun-Woo and Ryu Hwa-Young about the drama and their turning point in life. Here's what they said... 

How would you describe your character in the drama?

Kim Bo-Ra: Doo Ah is a character with a lot of charm. She’s someone who was able to date three men at the same time and have option to choose who she wants to date. She’s a very bold young woman who’s juggling between dating a younger man who helps boosts her ego, someone older who teaches her many things, as well as someone who’s her age who is sexually attractive to her.

Ryu Hwa-Young: Ban Ya was once a well-received director, but she is now a forgotten 35-year-old. There is a part in the drama where she says “Being 35 is an age where you can’t do anything if you haven’t done anything to gain wealth or status – like the Maginot Line, with nowhere to go”. I think Ban Ya responded really well with this line. She is one who overcomes her harsh reality but hasn’t forgotten her innocence.

Shim Eun-Woo: Lee Ha Ram is someone who’s lived 29 years of her live without much drama. However, she slowly becomes rebellious when faced with various confusing situations as she prepares for her wedding.

What is the one thing you like most about your character? 

Shim Eun-Woo: I like that although she realizes that she was a little late in coming to terms with who she, she still makes a conscious decision that the time is now.

What Attracts you to accept the role?

Kim Bo-Ra: In the drama, Doo Ah fills up the various voids and lives happier by dating three separate men. However, her childhood friend Han Yool finds out about her relationships. In the process, she gets to understand deeper about friendship and love, while remaining true to her bold self. I found that very attractive.

Ryu Hwa-Young: Ban Ya appears to be like someone you can’t break. She appears bold and a very intelligent. But if you get to know her better, she is one who easily gets hurt and has an innocent side to her, and that’s what got me attracted to this role.

Shim Eun-Woo: I could go back to the time when I was 29. It felt like I was reliving life as my friend or even as myself.

Hwa-Young, you played the 35-year-old Ban Ya. In your opinion, do you find a huge difference in relationships between those in their 20s and 30s? Why do you say so?

Ryu Hwa-Young: You look at love with innocence in your 20s, but in your 30s you realize that you carry a lot more value with you through social interactions and experiences.

Bo-ra, do you find it difficult to portray the character as Doo Ah as she is involved in secret relationship with three different men?

Kim Bo-Ra: There were parts where it was difficult. However, it helped that all three men didn’t share a single similar characteristic, and my co-actors expressed their own characters so clearly. The director also slowly brought me through the reasons as to why Doo Ah were dating all three men at the same time and it helped me relate a lot more to the character.

How was the atmosphere on set? Share some interesting episodes that viewers wouldn’t know of.

Kim Bo-Ra: The atmosphere was really good for me, and I hope the rest feels the same too. Even though it was a really short time, I got to finish the project with no obstacles. There were scenes that could have been potentially embarrassing but it all went well as they made it a very comfortable environment to film those scenes. In fact, we got so close that the director was still holding me back even after my last scene. It’s sad because you only got to spend such a short time with them, and you do want to spend more time with these group of people but the project had to come to an end.

Ryu Hwa-Young: Our experience on set is very good. There are a lot of fun moments so it’ll be tough to pick one.

Shim Eun-Woo: It was really good. I enjoyed my experience acting with with Yoon Yu Seon who acted as Sun Hwa, as well as Han Joon Woo who acted as Jeong Suk as we had very good chemistry.

What would you like the audience to take away from the drama?

Kim Bo-Ra: Doo Ah has this part in the drama where she says “It doesn’t matter if you’re lovers or just friends, you have to be honest if you don’t want to lose them”. It was one of the lines that I could really relate to. I don’t know if anyone else who’s watching the drama can relate, but I wish can be more honest with the people I love, whatever the type of relationship is, so as not to lose those I love.

Ryu Hwa-Young: There are times when things don’t go your way, but don’t give up during those moments. Find the small contentment in life and you will slowly find happiness at the end of that journey.

Shim Eun-Woo: Continuously ask yourselves questions. I’d want for viewers to know that we are living our happiest when we make decisions for ourselves.

The drama tells story of four different women at their turning points in life, so how about yours? What’s your turning point in life?

Shim Eum-Woo: I think I had my turning point in life when I turned 29. I was able to appear in Running Man because of ‘The World of Marriage’, and was then cast as Ha Ram as the director for Love Scene Number# was watching that Running Man episode.

Ryu Hwa-Young: Instead of a turning point, I feel like all my choices and paths have brought me to become who I am today. I’ve grown to become the person I am today with all the little and big things that have come along my path.

Any message to fans and viewers in Malaysia and Singapore?

Kim Bo-Ra: Hello this is Kim Bo-ra who plays #23 Nam Doo Ah. Thank you for showing your love towards our drama by reading this article. I will work hard to become an actress who you will be able to relate to via my various roles. See you again in the next production.

Ryu Hwa-Young: Thank you to my fans in Malaysia and Singapore. Please show us some love and support Love Scene Number#!

Shim Eun-Woo: Thank you for watching Love Scene Number# from so far away. It’s amazing to know that we can all connect through a drama.

Catch the stories of a university student who is secretly involved in polyamorous relationship with three men; an elementary school teacher who runs away from her own wedding after undergoing a sudden change of heart; an adjunct instructor at a university; a furniture designer who discovers that her husband of 20 years is having a spiritual extramarital affair. New episodes of Love Scene Number# premieres on every Tuesday, 7.40PM on Oh!K (Astro Ch.394), while full marathon series will air on 13 March, 6PM.

photo credit: Oh!K, MBC

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