Watch the Heartwarming Movie 'PAWN' featuring Sung Dong-Il, Ha Ji-won, Kim Hee-won & Park So-yi

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Holiday is approaching and people are finding all sorts of ways to connect and celebrate but the most prudent approach for this year holiday season is to stay home. Although you'll be physically apart with your loved ones but you can still stay connected through this heartwarming family-comedy movie 'PAWN' featuring the veteran actors Sung Dong-il, Ha Ji-won, Kim Hee-won and the adorable child actress Park So-yi. Just from the cast itself, you can expect a great chemistry between them.

Set in the 90s-era of South Korea, 'PAWN' started with the story of two debt collectors , Doo Seok (starring Sung Dong-il) and Jong-bae (starring Kim Hee-won) going after an illegal immigrant named Myung Ja (starring Kim Yun-jin) who borrowed money from them. Upon realising that Myung-ja is broke, Doo-seok then takes her nine-year-old daughter, Seung Yi (starring Park So-yi) as collateral until the debt is repaid. However, Myung Ja is eventually deported and has no choice but to leave Seung Yi under Doo Seok's care. Faced with the responsibility of raising the child, the reluctant guardians slowly fall under the charm of the endless spirit of Seung Yi. Their unexpected, unplanned meeting turns into a warm-hearted relationship and the trio grows to have a special bond. Ha Ji Won plays the older version of Seung Yi.

The movie gets very emotional and you definitely need tissue at the ready. Sung Dong il perfectly portrays the father-figure with a heart of gold and Park So-yi really won our hearts with her adorable expressions and playful dialogue (ps: a bright future ahead for Park So-yi). Not to mention Kim Hee-won who provides a fine comic relief to the movie. We would say the excellent lead performances and key character moments are the reasons for us rooting for the trio! *Side note: be sure to stay till the very end as additional footages will lighten up your mood. 

If you need a movie to let out a good cry and ends a good-vibe, do check out 'PAWN' on Astro First and unifi TV's Pay-per-view VOD platform from 1 December. Stay home and watch #Kmovie! 

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