CLC Makes Our Hearts Flutter with Breathtaking "Helicopter" Comeback

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

CLC returns with upbeat and powerful single "Helicopter" after a year of their "Devil" comeback. This comeback indicates curiosity about future and it captures the journey in finding the solutions with CLC's own unique ways. Not only Korean version, CLC will also release "Helicopter" English version for global fans who showed lots of love to them. 

Ahead of the release of its single, CLC sat down with the press at their online media showcase held in Seoul and talked about their new single and also goals for the comeback. 

Q: Few members have their own YouTube channels. Tell us more about the contents.

Seung Hee: I'm still new to YouTube. My main content is about music but as fans are curious about my daily life so I have been consistently uploading vlog that I edited by myself. 

Seung Yeon: Recently I have uploaded few contents about dancing. I wanted to challenge various genres so I took those videos. Moving forward, I wanted to record some healthy life that includes beauty and also sports contents. 

Sorn: Actually I have lots of content that are in progress which are specially created for international fans. So in order for them to understand, I have included subtitles as well. So for Korean fans who wanted to learn English can also watch my videos. I think it'll help a lot. 

Q: Recently Eunbi takes the role in drama Somehow Family who's quiet and has a reserved personality. So in the future what role you hope to receive?

Eunbi: I really wanted to try an action role. For example street fight or action scene jumping from one building to another.  

Q: How do you feel to collaborate with other artists in "Good Girl" and which artists match you well, Yee Eun?

YeeEun: Rather than seeing each other as a competitor, I felt we are more like a group. Also, I am really happy being able to meet good sisters (at the show). / When preparing for the stage, I match well with KARD's Jiwoo but when being offstage, Jamie and YoungJi are the most comfortable to talk and play with. Ailee and Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon also gave advice and lots of supports regarding my stage performances. 

Q: What comes to your mind when you first listened to the title track "Helicopter"?

Seung Yeon: We sat together to listen to the song and the members' first impression about the song was great and that was our first time to have same opinions. It's interesting that all of us have with same opinions for the first time.

Q: Any interesting episodes when shooting "Helicopter" MV? 

Seung Hee: This time the shooting took a little longer compared to the previous. Also, it was YeeEun's birthday during the shoot, so while preparing for her birthday surprise, suddenly the venue was blackout. Not for the surprise but the lights suddenly went off for real. 

YeeEun: Actually I have excepted a birthday surprise so I just pretended it was blackout (instead of a surprise). But who knows it was really a blackout. And since we have been together for so long, so each time after 12AM of someone's birthday we'll send wishes or celebrate together. So naturally, I have expected (a birthday celebration from the members).

Q: Any difficulties when you participated in writing the lyrics for "Helicopter"?

YeeEun: It's really difficult because it's my first time to write our own stories. So, it's kinda difficult for me to express what I really want. Although it's difficult but I would like to take it as a challenge. 

 Watch "Helicopter" MV:

Photo by: Cube Entertainment

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