[Media Showcase] (G)I-DLE Makes Eye-Catching 'DUMDi DUMDi' Summer Comeback + New Variety Show Coming Soon!

Monday, August 03, 2020

(G)I-DLE returns with refreshing summer single 'DUMDi DUMDi' after four months of their "Oh My God" comeback. Composed by leader So-yeon and composer Pop Time, "DUMDi DUMDi" is a tropical dance track with a Moombahton rhythm, showcasing (G)I-DLE vibrant and youthful images. Ahead of the release, the members attended the online media showcase this evening to talk about their new single and also their 1st solo concert held last month.
Q: How do you describe your new single ‘DUMDI DUMDI’? 
So-yeon: While writing for the summer song, I was thinking what suits 'summer' then I thought of 'youth'. Both 'summer' and 'youth' give a refreshing and passionate feeling. That's how I created the song. I hope (through the song) you can feel the 'summer' and 'youthful' vibes at the same time.

Q: The members came up with the visual concepts for this comeback. Could you share more about this Soojin?
SooJin: We searched alot of photos to find the vintage look that suits us. We wanted to show #GIDLE own unique summer vibes

Q: How do you feel about your first online concert, 'I-LAND: WHO AM I"? Are you looking forward to the next? 
Soyeon: It's a pity that we couldn't meet the fans face to face since the concert was held online. Hopefully, we can meet for a concert soon. Even though the concert was held online but we still had fun preparing for it and we hope Neverlands had fun as well.

Q: Each member had their solo stages at the concert. Are you satisfied with your solo stage?
Soo-Jin: I'll give myself 5 out of five. You'll know only if you see the stage. 
Mi-Yeon: Me too. I'll give myself 5 points too. Although I'm still lacking in many ways but if you see my performance you'll impressive by my good voice. So I'll give myself a 5! Although I'm the main vocalist but (for my next solo stage) I wanted to take challenge on dancing. Soo-jin to be vocalist and I'll be the dancer.
So-yeon: I'll give myself 5 points too. There were lots of things I wanted to show during my trainee days but after debut there's a limit when comes to music show performances. So this is the opportunity where I can showcase the stage that I can perform well. 
Yuqi: I think 5 points are not enough (to rate) my solo stage. If you see my performance, you'll see my diverse sides. You'll regret if you don't see it. Actually, not only the public but sometimes fans also confused about my position in the group. I'm actually the vocalist. So this is the first time I'm able to show my skill as a vocalist. 
Shuhua: I want to give myself 5 points too. I think my stage was very beautiful. When I looked at the monitor, I almost fell in love with myself. 
Minnie: I'll give 4.5 points to myself. If we could meet Neverland, I'll give 5 points instead. 

Q: Tell us more about "i'M THE TREND" which co-composed by Minnie and Yuqi.
Minnie: Normally me and So-yeon will write the lyrics but as Yuqi started to write, I naturally joined Yuqi and started to compose the song together. It's an upbeat song, so I think it's great to give Neverland as a present. We have never had a fan song, so this is the first. 
Yuqi: I'm very close to Minnie but when comes to producing music, I get to see her different side, a serious side of Minnie.
(G)I-DLE's DUMDi DUMDi is sure to provide you a refreshing experience in light of the summer heat wave. 

Check out "DUMDi DUMDi" MV: 
(photo credit to Cube Ent.)

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