Ji Chang Wook Returns with 'Backstreet Rookie' Featuring Kim Yoo Jung & Han Sun Hwa

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Backstreet Rookie airs on ONE (Astro ch.393) every Sat, Sun at 9.45PM
Romantic comedy drama - Backstreet Rookie, will finally be making its premiere in small screens this June 27 to be the next talk of the town. Adapted from a famous webtoon with over 1 million subscribers and a staggering 9.3-star rating, A-list casts Ji Chang Wook, Kim Yoo Jung and Han Sun Hwa will flutter your heart with their undeniable on-screen chemistry. 
Ji Chang Wook starring as store manager, Dae Hyun while Kim Yoo Jung starring as the part-timer Saet Byul
Unlike your typical neighbourhood convenience store, employees of Backstreet Rookie are handsome oppa, Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) as store manager and attractive part-timer, Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung). Korea’s Sageuk Fairy, Kim Yoo Jung, breaks out of her award-winning periodical drama setting to star as a playful happy go lucky young adult, often in a pickle with her obsessively passionate store manager due to their total opposites’ personalities. 
As the saying goes, watch how opposites attract between the leading roles accompanied with K-pop idol, Kang Daniel’s first ever K-drama OST, sure to swoon your heart every Saturday and Sunday at 9.45PM only at ONE, channel 393 (Astro).

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