Oppa and Unni's Guide to Hari Raya

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

We’ve just welcomed the month of Ramadan and getting used to the ‘no lunch’ new norm for the next month. Like us, you’re probably wondering how Hari Raya will be like this year amidst all the restrictions. Will we get to enjoy our favourite meals with family? Do I have to make different preparations this year? While we find our way during these uncertain times, here is a checklist for a truly fluttering raya experience no matter the situation. They’ve swept you off your feet, now let your trusty oppa and unni inspire you to a wholesome Hari Raya.

Glory Glory Raya Food


Just like Captain Ri when he lovingly filled Yoon Se Ri’s fridge with wholesome food in Crash Landing on You, preparing ahead of time is always best. Classify your to-do list into tasks that can be completed beforehand such as pre-blending your garlics and onions as well as tasks that would require your utmost attention on the day before Hari Raya - like tirelessly stirring your rendang. 

If this is your first time whipping up delicacies for Raya and you’re really excited to try out new recipes, don’t be afraid about it not turning out the way you want it to. Just like Lee Gon in The King: Eternal Monarch. Upon discovering ‘the door’ to an alternate universe where he tries Korean fried chicken for the first time, where there is a will there's a way. So, ahead of Hari Raya celebrations, taste test your desired dish so you’ll have ample time to perfect it for the big day!

Love Breaks All Boundaries


Times are tough, but we think you’re tougher! So, here’s a little pick me up reminder if you’re feeling a little down because you are not with your family during this time of the year. Always remember that love breaks all boundaries - just like how Cha Yu-Ri remained on earth after her death just to be around her husband and daughter in Hi Bye, Mama!

Find Joy In Little Things


This Ramadhan and Hari Raya is a little different from the past as we are all surrounded by a lot of uncertainties, but just like Park Saeroyi in Itaewon Class, sometimes you’ve just got to take a step back and find joy in little things, it is after all about perspective.

Spread Love To All & Yourself


This Raya, make it all about love, to those around you, and to yourself. If you can’t take our word for it, take it from Lee Young Joon in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, on the importance of self love and taking care of ourselves, “In any circumstances, the most important thing is yourself. Never forget that you’re the most precious and the top priority at any moment.

source: Netflix MY

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