All-Time Favourite Korean Dramas You Can't Miss Part 1

Monday, April 06, 2020

Are you a big fan of Korean dramas? Scroll down below to see which K-dramas are in the all-time favourite list and which are worth the re-watch. 

Cinderella's Stepsister
Starring Moon Geun-Young, Chun Jung-Myung, 2PM's TaecYeon and SeoWoo
Cinderella's Stepsister is a melodrama with a modern twist of the classic fairy tale - Cinderella. The story follows Eunjo, a strong-minded and independent teenage who is living with her money-grabbing mother and her mother's abusive boyfriend.  The story of her life changes after moving to a new family when her mother remarries. (ps: a must-watch drama! we re-watched this drama for like 3 times!!)

49 Days
Starring Lee Yo Won, Nam Gyu-ri, Jo Hyun-Jae, Bae Soo-Bin & Jung Il-Woo
Ji Hyun has everything in her life - loving parents, best friends and a fiance. But her life changed after getting into a car accident which caused her to be in a coma. She is given 49 days to collect 3 tears from people who loved her while she was alive. (ps: be sure to prepare a box of tissue when binge-watching this drama)

Moon Embracing the Sun
Starring Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Jung Il Woo & Kim Min Seo
Moon Embracing the Sun, a fantasy historical drama that tells a love story between King Lee Hwon (a fictional King of Joseon) and a female shaman named Wol. Wol was born as Heo Yeon Woo, a daughter of a noble family who won the love of the crown prince and became the crown princess. But a series of unfortunate event occurs and the young lady is presumed dead. Years later, Hwon meets Wol, now a female shaman who lost her all her past memories.

Scent of A Woman 
Starring Kim Sun-A, Lee Dong Wook, Uhm Ki-Joon & Seo Hyo-Rim
A powerful and beautiful drama that inspired us to live life to the fullest no matter what obstacles or challenges we face. Scent of A Women talks about a woman in her 30's named Lee Yeon Jae who lives a very ordinary life; she works hard and save her money but one day she finds out she has cancer that cannot be operated and she is given 6 months to live. Yeon Jae then decides to use the money she saved to travel aboard to find happiness.

Bride of the Century
Starring Yang Jin Sung, Lee Hong Ki & Jung Hae-In
This romantic fantasy drama revolves around Choi family who runs Taeyang Group, the largest conglomerate in South Korea. The family has been cursed for a decade that the first bridge of the eldest son dies on the wedding's night. When the wealthy heiress Jang Yi Kyung disappears right before her wedding to Choi Kang-Joo, a lookalike imposter is brought in to take her place.

A Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum)
Starring Lee Young-Ae, Ji Jin Hee, Hong Ri-Na
A historical drama based on a true story about a legendary girl named Jang-Geum who became the first women to be the supreme royal physician of her times. Despite her poor condition as a low-class girl in the male-dominated society (during the time of Chosun Dynasty), Jang-Geum overcome a series of social discrimination and landed herself as a royal cook, later becoming the royal physician then ultimately the physician in charge of the king. If you're new to Korean drama, this would be the best drama to start with.

The King 2 Hearts
Starring Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Je Moon, Lee Yoon Ji & Cho Jung Seok
The King 2 Hearts tells the story of the South Korean crown prince who falls in love with a North Korean special agent. Handsome crown prince Lee Jae Ha doesn't care about politics but was forced by his brother to join World Officers Competition that involves a team of soldiers from North and South Korea. This is where he meets the North Korean special forces agent, Kim Hang Ah and started a love-hate relationship.

Who Are You: School 2015
Starring Kim So Hyun, Nam Joo Hyu & Yook Sung Jae
Who Are You: School 2015 is a romance drama set in high school. The story follows the twins, Eun-bi and Eun-byul who were separated and are now living completely different lives. Eun-bi, a kind and hardworking orphan from Tongyeong, who is often bullied at school. On the other hand, Eun-byul is the most popular girl at the most prestigious private high school in Seoul's Gangnam District. One day, on a school field trip to Tongyeong, Eun Byul mysteriously disappear.

Stay tuned to our part2 article!

*picture source from dramas' official website

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