Lee Seung Gi Gifts Fans An Unforgettable Night in 'Vagabond Voyage' Fan Meeting in Malaysia

Saturday, December 07, 2019

It was definitely an eventful night for Malaysian AIRENs who came to see the long-awaited Lee Seung Gis Vagabond Voyage Tour on 30th November at Menara PGRM, Kuala Lumpur.

As you might not know, it has been 7 years since the last time Lee Seung Gi visited Malaysia for a fan-meeting as well. We can see that it was worth the wait as the ‘Vagabond’ star once again treated his fans with more memorable stages.
Soon as the show started, Lee Seung Gi graced the stage with an opening song called ‘Because You Are Woman’. Dressed in all-black outfit, Lee Seung Gi’s stage presence definitely lit up the whole venue – making the fans swooned over his stunning appearance and soothing vocals. 

After the performance, Lee Seung Gi briefly talked about his current activities and insight to his life in his first segment called ‘Big Date: Update Talk’.

He recently wrapped up the variety show called ‘Little Forest’ where he looked after the children to experience life outside the city. The emcee asked about his experience being in that show and he responded,  “Everything is great but they just don’t go to sleep at night, i tried to make them feel tired during the day but it did not work.” (So adorable!) 
Other than that, when the emcee asked which Busted! cast member he has the most chemistry with – AIRENs started chanting fellow EXO member Sehun and Seung-Gi happily agreed. Because of the program, he got to know Sehun even more and they became closer while working together.

Playing the role of a stunt actor in Vagabond, Lee Seung Gi revealed more stories of the action scenes done by his drama character ‘Cha Dal-gun’ through behind-the-scenes footage. The blockbuster action series recently aired its final episode on November 23 which achieved a personal all-time high viewership record, as the actor thanked fans for watching the drama till the finale.

He then asked “Do you want Vagabond season 2 after watching the last episode?” The fans also demand to stretch it out until season 3, he laughed and responded, “ If there's season 3 not only Dal Gun but Dal Gun's brother will need to come out too.” making the crowd burst into laughter. 
Proceeding into another segment, the ‘2 Days & 1 Night' star is also known for his love for cooking, he took the opportunity to make it as a special surprise for Malaysian Airens - he made a local dish called popiah!  However, as he only made one for the segment, it will be given out to a lucky AIREN that will be chosen through a lucky draw.
After creating his masterpiece, the fan that was chosen through a lucky draw came on stage to not only receive the popiah, but also a signed photocard with a special message! (We’re so jealous!)
Definitely living up to his nickname as a “Triple Threat” star, Lee Seung Gi won over the audience as he showcased his all-rounded skills as someone who can act, dance, host, sing; and even cook. The fun-filled evening continued as he belted out a string of nostalgic songs for his fans, including his other ballad hits, ‘Return’ and ‘Delete’ that fans sang their hearts out to, as well as well-loved upbeat tracks ‘Smile Boy’ and ‘Let’s Go On Vacation’.
Before the fan meeting was coming to an end, Malaysian Airens also prepared a special video for him, including from his military discharge to his current work activities - thanking him for coming into their lives and bringing them happy memories. After the video ended, Seung Gi immediately turned around, he was so surprised to see the fans' holding up banners with a warm message that says, "Let us all be happy always".

At the end of the intimate Fanmeet, Lee Seung Gi took the opportunity to express his gratitude to fans for their unwavering support over the past 15 years and left them with heartfelt messages.
Did you enjoy the show Malaysian AIRENs? We hope to see him back in Malaysia soon!

Special thanks to IMC Live Global for the invite!

Official photos by IMC Live Global

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