Watch Samsung's Latest Short Film 'The Present' Featuring EXO's Suho, Kim Seul Gi & Shin Ha Kyun

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

"The Present", a short film by Samsung Electronics featuring Kim Seul Ki, Shin Ha Kyun and EXO's Suho
Samsung Electronics has released its latest movie project, “The Present”, a short film inspired by Samsung’s corporate citizenship vision of Enabling People that brings together themes of determination, entrepreneurship and collaboration.
Shin Ha Kyun starring as the mysterious man who traveled through time from 1969 to 2019
The Present” follows Sang-gu (starring Shin Ha-kyun), a man brought to present-day Seoul via time-travel from 1969. Sang-gu meets young entrepreneurs Ha-neul (starring EXO’s Suho), Bo-ra (starring Kim Seul-ki) and Young-bok (starring Yoo Su-bin) and ends up helping them as they work to create a thermal imaging camera to use in fire and rescue operations.
EXO's Suho starring as the young entrepreneur, Ha-neul
I wanted the film to be entertaining,” noted Director Hur Jin-ho, chiefly known for his work in the melodrama genre, “but I also wanted to accurately capture all the joys and sorrows faced by today’s young people as they go about launching their own business endeavors.”
"The Present" is a short film encouraging young people to follow their dreams 
The film features Samsung’s venture acceleration program C-Lab Outside, which supports young Korean startups by facilitating optimal environments for them to grow and create new value. Samsung’s IGNIS Thermal Imaging Camera, developed by Samsung’s in-house corporate incubation program C-Lab to help firefighters in prevention and rescue activities, also takes a starring role in the short film.
The Present” is the latest in a series of films made by Samsung to entertain, motivate and inspire young people today. The first, “Two Lights”, was released in 2017, followed by “My Dream Class” in 2018 and “Memories” earlier in 2019.

Watch the full video of "The Present" as below:

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