New K-Dramas Coming Your Way: Love With Flaws & A Pledge To God

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Holiday season is always filled with festive content to enjoy and this November and December, the ultimate Korean entertainment Oh!K (Astro Ch394) is set to bring the latest Korean drama to you - including romantic comedy drama 'Love With Flaws' features Ahn Jae Hyun and Oh Yeon Seo, and, melodrama 'A Pledge To God' features Han Chae Young and Bae Soo Bin. Get ready to laugh, fall in love and experience a wide roller-coaster ride of emotions while watching the K-dramas.

A Pledge To God
Premieres on 10 December, Airs every Tuesday & Wednesday, 7.50PM
Cast: Han Chae Young, Bae Soo Bin, Oh Yoon-Ah, Lee Chun Hee)
'A Pledge To God' questions people’s views about moral and ethical dilemmas by showing a woman's unfortunate life. Ji Young (starring Han Chae Young), a successful female anchor, is having a wonderful life she's dreamed of with her husband, Jae Wook (starring Bae Soo Bin). However, her happiness doesn't last long. She finds out that Jae Wook is cheating on her while she's carrying Jae Wook's child. Jae Wook's affair makes her decide to get a divorce. After going through a hard time, Ji Young marries Min Ho (starring Lee Chun Hee), and they have a son, Hyeon Woo (starring Ha Yi An & Wang Suk Hyun). However, Hyeon Woo becomes terminally ill, and Ji Young is left with a hard choice. She has to either watch Hyeon Woo die or meet her ex- husband, Jae Wook, and accept his deal. What choice will she make? Will she choose to follow her maternal instincts to save her own son and ignore moral and ethical standards?

Love With Flaws
Airs within 24 hours of Korea every Thursday & Friday, 7.50PM
CastL Oh Yeon-Seo, Ahn Jae Hyun, Kim Seul Gi, Gu Won
The enthusiastic P.E teacher Joo Seo Yeon (starring Oh Yeon Seo) whose ideal type is a non-good looking guy meets a man, Lee Kang Woo (starring Ahn Jae Hyun) who is obsessed with making himself look good to everyone. Despite their opposing views, they fall in love with each other as they overcome the prejudice against “people with flaws”.

Blessing Of the Sea
Airs on every Tuesday to Friday, 9PM
Cast: Lee So Yun, Jae Hee, Jo An, Kim Hyung Min
Blessing of the sea will be airing it's final episode on 27 December. The Korean tale, Sim Chung Yi (starring Lee So Yeon) is a well-known fable about a young girl sacrificing her life to save her blind father. She is often referred as the best daughter, but does she really deserve all the praise to herself? The neighboring women who breast-fed her during her childhood, the Dragon King who took her in as his wife and searched for her father Sim Hak Gyu (starring Ahn Nae Sang), all supported and loved her. She could be brave because of the faith people had in her all along. Just like the fable, the Sim Chung Yi in this drama also finds her way out of the harsh reality even after losing both of her parents. Here’s to the modern-day Sim Chung Yis!

Never Twice
Airs every Sunday, 8.40PM (within 24 hours of Korea)
Cast: Oh Ji Ho, Kwak Dong Yeon, Youn Yuh Jung
This drama tells the story of guests who stay for a long period of time at “Paradise Inn”, located in the neighbourhood of Huam in the Yongsan district. From the first room to the sixth room, all the guests are different in age, gender, and even where they grew up.

My Healing Love
Airs every Monday, 7.50PM
Cast: So Yoo Jin, Yeon Jung Hoon, Yoon Jong Hoon
The success story follows Im Chi Woo (starring So Yoo Jin) and Choi Jin Yoo (starring Yeon Jung Hu) as they pursue their own happiness. Im Chi Woo never wanted to become a good daughter, a good daughter-in-law or a good wife, but she sacrifices herself to take care of her family. She is married to immature Park Wan Seung (starring Yoon Jong Hoon) and she works several part- time jobs to support her family. Under her difficult situation, she keeps smiling and maintaining her positive attitude. Choi Jin Yoo is a divorcee and he has a daughter. He works hard and tries to live positively for his daughter. He encounters a nightmare like a scenario. 

Don't forget to catch these latest Korean dramas on Oh!K at Astro Ch393.

photo source: Oh!K, MBC 

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