NU'EST Concludes Segno Tour in KL with A Wonderful High Note

Friday, September 13, 2019

It has been 7 years since the complete group of NU'EST performed in Malaysia but the long-awaited return increased our hype even more as the boys back together as a group of 5 for their first full fledged concert in Malaysia - "2019 NU'EST Concert 'Segno' in Kuala Lumpur". 
NU'EST started off with fans' favourite 'Hello', followed by 'Love Paint' and 'Overcome'. Riding on the old days tracks, NU'EST performed the energetic title song 'Bet Bet'. Afterwards, the members took a break to introduce themselves in Malay and Aron commented "It's been a long time since we come to Malaysia and we have lots of messages to tell you." Minhyun said "Aku Cinta Pada Mu" (I love you) to express his love to the fans and Ren added " Aku favourite OPPA kamu" (I'm your favourite OPPA), the tremendous scream during the opening speech had leader JR commented "L.O.Λ.E, hebat!" (L.O.Λ.E, you're great) . 
The members then continued their 5th mini album set list  'Look', 'R.L.T.L' and a sweet duet of 'Daybreak' by JR and Minhyun. In response to the love received from the fans, Aron and Baekho did their own version of Real Love True Love on stage and melted the hearts of many. 

To top up the group songs, each member showed off their individual talents through a sequence of solo stages. Baekho was first up, serenaded the crowd with his tender side of 'Thankful For You'.
Dressed in blue silk blouse, Minhyun then performed his latest R&B solo track 'Universe'. Minhyun commented "the lyrics conveys messages to hope for L.O.Λ.E happiness and I hope you'll feel happy when watching the performance too." The slow tempo to a more upbeat pop really had us chanting from the beginning til the end.
Ren was up next, surprising us with his sexy dance moves of 'Paradise', while Aron moved to the extended stage and delivered the jazz version of 'Good Love'. The stadium turned into a strong and upbeat atmosphere when JR dressed in all black outfit and performed the last solo stage 'I Hate You'. 
Not only their solo stages were one of the highlights for the night, but same goes to the sub-units stages as well. Aron, Baekho and Ren teamed up and brought an emotional touch for the night as they performed 'A Little Bit More'. 
NU'EST took us to a trip down memory lane, wearing the same outfits when they first debuted in the industry and performed 'Face', 'Action' and 'Beautiful Ghost'. The crowd immediately jumped to their feet - singing along with the boys, at the same time rewinding their debut days moments. NU'EST then continued to perform the soothing track 'Segno' which means to have a new beginning for the group. 

After several minutes of fans screaming "encore", the members reappeared the stage and presented 'A Song For You'. Right after the song, L.O.Λ.E  delivered a special gift for the boys by singing the chorus of 'Blessing' and held the hand banner "완벽한 ęą´ 없어, 뉴이스트 말고" (Nothing is perfect if it's not NU'EST). Baekho commented "I heard your 'Blessing' just now and I feel like we're back to our debut days. Thank you so much. Terima Kasih." According to the boys, the song was almost became their debut song and this audio is especially recorded to thank fans for their love. 
Aron concluded with heartfelt messages "Thank you for showing so much love throughout the concert. Thank you for coming. Without you guys we couldn't perform here and we hope to come back soon." NU'EST then ended the night with encore stage "Not Over You" and "Hey Love", leaving the crowd all excited and satisfied. 
At the 2-hours long concert held at Stadium Malawati on 7 September, NU'EST showcased heart stopping performances and delivered an eventful night with a whopping 25-song set. NU'EST proved the obstacles that lie in their path was a chance for them to grow and after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.

photo credit: NU'EST, IME MY

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