DREAMCATCHER Delivers Fiery Performances at First Solo Concert in Malaysia

Thursday, September 12, 2019

DREAMCATCHER with Malaysian InSomnias at KL Live 
Malaysian InSomnias’ dreams finally came true as DREAMCATCHER staged a fiery showcase for the first time ever at KL Live on 6th September 2019.

DREAMCATCHER consists of Jiu, YoohyeonSiyeonSuA, DamiGahyeon and Handong – what sets these girls apart from the rest is their blend of K-pop and punk-rock elements – aggressive guitar riffs, earth-shaking drum beats, accompanied with powerful yet elegant dance routines. 
The show started off with a strong performance of ‘Fly High’ and their debut title track ‘Chase Me’. The girls’ stage presence was so lively and full of energy – so contagious that it made the crowd super hyped during their performances.

Afterwards, the girls briefly introduced themselves and expressed their excitement that they were thankful to have the opportunity to perform tonight as Malaysian InSomnias have anticipated for them for a long time. Fans could not help but to coo over their cuteness when they chanted out ‘Apa Khabar’ (How Are You?) to greet the crowd!
After the short introductory ment, the girls resumed the show with much more mellower songs, including ‘Emotion’ and ‘Which A Star’.  They took this opportunity to show how versatile they are with their performances, smoothly transitioning from heavy metal to soft ballads, serenading the crowd with their clear stable vocals.  

One of the highlights of the night was when the girls performed a dance cover medley of K-pop boy groups, including BTS ‘Boy With Luv’ATEEZ ‘Hala Hala’NCT127's ‘Simon Says’, EXO's 'Love Shot' and even Monsta X ‘Alligator'! Fans were so impressed at how they can suddenly change from their bright cutesy aura to more charismatic side of them.
Soon it was separated into sub-units when SuA and Siyeon took the stage first with a cover of Taemin’s Goodbye. Followed up with the rest of the members, Dami, Gahyeon, Jiu, Handong and Yoohyeon did a special cover of Twice’s TT and Red Velvet’s Bad Boy!
It was refreshing to see the members were so full of energy - they put so much effort to engage with the fans, giving in requests to express their "aegyo" (cuteness) to fans, making sure there was never a dull moment between the girls and the fans. We also could not forget when the girls even learned to how to speak Malaysian words from a fan! They said “Saya Cinta Kamu” (I Love You)!
Dreamcatcher also performed their hit songs including 'You And I', 'Piri' and 'Full Moon'. The girls mentioned that they were so worried before coming on stage - however, their expectations have exceeded when the fans gave such good reactions and energy to their performances.  *We can't help but to dance too!

To wrap it all up, the girls ended off the show with encore of ‘Wake Up' and 'Mayday’. 
We would like to express our gratitude to MyMusicTaste for inviting us to Dreamcatcher's showcase!

*picture source: DREAMCATCHER Official Twitter

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