Park Seo Joon, Ahn Sung Ki Team Up to Fight The World's Evil in 'The Divine Fury'

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Divine Fury is now available in cinema nationwide
Starring Park Seo Joon, Ahn Sung Ki and Woo Do Hwan, action horror movie The Divine Fury tells story of a mixed martial arts champion Yong-hu (starring Park Seo Joon) and an exorcist priest Father AHN (starring Ahn Sung Ki) who join up against a powerful evil force that threatens the world's peace.
The Divine Fury is an action horror movie features Park Seo Joon, Ahn Sung Ki and Woo Do Hwan
After losing his father in a sudden accident as a young boy, Yong-hu harbors a deep mistrust and anger towards the world. One day he wakes from a vivid nightmare to find an unexplained wound on the palm of his hand. When he meets the exorcist priest Father Ahm, he learns that there is a special power contained within the wound on his palm.
Park Seo Joon starring as the mixed martial arts champion Yong-hu who lost his father since young
"This character has a charisma that runs counter to all the other roles I've played," says Park Seo Joon of the strong exterior and hurt-filled inner heart which brings out a deeper, more mature acting than in his previous, lighter roles. To shoot the film and effectively portray this character who fights evil, Park Seo Joon himself performed the martial arts, wire action and CG action, not sparing himself in an effort to realize a satisfying summer blockbuster.
Ahn Sung Ki starring as the exorcist priest Father AHN
The national actor, Ahn Sung-ki, however says ""I thought it was a project that could give me a new kind of energy." Not only did he perfectly express the gentle charisma and weighty presence of his character, but he also took up the challenge of Latin dialogue and action scenes. Known for the chemistry he creates with his co-actors, in The Divine Fury he crosses generations to portray a close and unforgettable partnership with Park Seo-jun.
Woo Do Hwan starring as Jisin
Not to miss out actor Woo Do Hwan who brings a keen tension to The Divine Fury. "I wanted to create a completely new kind of antagonist," says Woo Do Hwan. Wrapped in mystery, the character of Jisin takes advantage of people's weaknesses to spread evil.
The filmmakers behind The Divine Fury made a special effort to create a film the likes of which Korean cinema has never seen before, with fantasy spectacle and tense action sequences. Catch The Divine Fury now in cinema nationwide.

Synopsis of The Divine Fury
After losing his father at a young age, Yong-hu repudiates the existence of God and resolves only to believe in himself. One night after a strange nightmare he wakes up with a strange, unexplained wound on the palm of his hand, and this leads him to meet Father AHN. Through him, he discovers the strange power behind the mark on his palm, and also learns of the existence of hidden forces of evil among us. Touched at the sight of Father AHN going off to fight evil on his own, Yong-hu decides to join him.

The Divine Fury cast has a message to YOU:
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