All Excited for tvN's Upcoming Drama 'When The Devil Calls Your Name'

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Jo Kyung Ho starring as Ha-rib, the songwriter who chases after money and fame
tvN Asia proudly announces its latest 24-hour express drama, When The Devil Calls Your Name  starring Jung Kyung-ho, Park Sung-woong and Lee Seol, will premiere on tvN from 1 August (Every Thursday and Friday) at 21:45 (GMT+8) in Singapore and Malaysia, and at 20:45 (GMT+7) in Indonesia.
Lee Seoul starring as Lee Kyung, the talented young girl
Inspired by German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s work Faust, the fantasy drama depicts the story of Ha-rib (starring by Jung Kyung-ho), a songwriter who chases after money and fame, sold his soul to the devil in exchange for 10 years of youth and success. However, as the deal is nearing its end, he begins to bargain for an extension, which leads to his need of finding three people who would trade souls with the devil, and collecting their contracts. Later on, he finds out the harsh truth that his success is the result of stealing the talent and life of a young girl Lee-kyung (starring Lee Seol), and struggles to restore his life as well as the people around him. Through this process, he, eventually, realises the essence of life.
Park Sung Woong starring an underrated actor Mo Tae-gang before turning into the devil called Devil Ryu
Although this is a fantasy drama, the theme is highly related to human imaginations and desires, so it will definitely strike a chord in audience’s heart,” Jung Kyung-ho remarked. On the other hand, Park Sung-woong, who played the role of Devil Ryu in the drama, was indeed an underrated actor, Mo Tae-gang, before turning into the devil. “Though the theme of this drama is relatively heavy, I will try my best to illustrate the ideas in a more comical and relaxing way,” expressed Park Sung-woong.

Everyone has an angel and a devil in heart. Can Ha-rib fight against the devil, as well as the greed in his heart, and restore his ordinary life? Stay tuned to find out more!

When The Devil Calls Your Name will broadcast on tvN from 1 August (every Thursday and Friday) at 21:45 (GMT+8) in Singapore and Malaysia, and at 20:45 (GMT+7) in Indonesia. The drama is paired with English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles.

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