Jus2 makes fans FOCUS on them in Singapore

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Mark joined Jus2 as the special host for <Focus> Premiere Showcase Tour in Singapore!
Jus2, made up of GOT7’s JB and Yugyeom, brings their fans to a new high for their final stop of <FOCUS> Premiere Showcase Tour in Singapore! On the night of 4 May 2019, Zepp @ Big Box saw a rare sighting of international Ahgases (an affectionate label for GOT7’s fans) flying in to catch the boys, affirming their massive popularity even outside Asia. Much to fans’ delight, fellow GOT7 member Mark appeared as a special host for the showcase!
The duo jumpstarts their showcase with tracks from their debut album, "Long Black" and "Drunk On You". They were then joined by Mark to carry out their first ment. Mark said he was honoured to finish up the last show. Not forgetting to include some local flavor, Yugyeom commented that they ate chilli crab the day before and said it tasted amazing. They also talked about their album concept:

JB: “Rather than sexy, this album is more of senses.”
Mark: “I think you guys look sexy too.”
Yugyeom: “Rather than bright, we wanted to be dark this time.
For the next segment, the pair was tested on how well they know each other by answering personal questions. Mark teased that the two of them were not good at this, as they often answered wrongly during their previous stops.
For one of the questions, JB was asked whether Yugyeom wets his toothbrush before or after brushing his teeth. Leader JB guessed it right – the answer was the latter! Fortunately, the two boys redeemed themselves this time round.
Apart from their irrefutable dance skills, they are also known for their generous fanservice. During Focus On Me segment, Three lucky fans were chosen to play staring games with the members (Mark included), having the time of their lives as they made direct eye contact with their idols. Talk about “Focus On Me” indeed!

After Mark bid his farewell as an emcee, JB and Yugyeom continued indulging fans in their sensuality, performing “Touch”, solo numbers “Sunrise” and “From Now”, and wrapping up with “Senses” and title track “Focus On Me”.
The encore stage saw the members conveying their gratitude and appreciation to Ahgases. JB expressed “We’re always thankful because we’re receiving from you. Through our music and performances, we hope to bring more meaning to your lives,” while Yugyeom stated “We hope to create more memories, and we hope to come back again with GOT7.”

Just when Ahgases thought the showcase has come to an end, Jus2 treats them to one last round of wildness where they performed “Hard Carry”, “Never Ever”, “Focus On Me” (for the second time), and “Go Higher” featuring Mark! The showcase finally concludes with a VCR by GOT7. The boys sure started off Ahgases’ May just right!
We would like to thank One Production/Live Nation Entertainment for the invitation.

Official photos by One Production

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  1. "Jus2, made up of the oldest and youngest members of GOT7’s JB and Yugyeom" - this is incorrect. JB is the leader of GOT7 but Mark is the oldest in GOT7.

    1. Hello, thank you for the reminder. The sentence has been rectified. (:


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