[EXCLUSIVE] James Long-Awaited Return for 'The Light' LIVE in KL: New Track 'Mad' to Release on 10 May

Monday, May 06, 2019

James Lee returned to Malaysia solo to perform his latest EP 'The Light'
The talented singer-songwriter, James Lee returned to Malaysia last week for his 1st solo showcase, "James Lee: The Light LIVE in KL". Taking the stage on Berjaya Times Square, James performed a 5-song set leaning on his latest EP 'The Light' including fan favourites "The Light", "Perfect" and "Let's Get Away". Added to the performances, James announced his upcoming track "Mad" will be released on the 10th May which left fans voiced in excitement. 
The showcase started with our local celebrity, Alvin Chong 'Tajam' performance. James showed up right after the opening act and played the acoustic love track "Let's Get Away" (a collaboration track with Girls Generation's Soo Young) and "Perfect" (a collaboration track featured f(x)'s Amber).

Riding on the collaboration tracks, James performed the title song "The Light" and wrapped the showcase with "Up". During the talk session, James expressed his wish to visit Malaysia more often to meet the fans. Fans who purchased 'The Light' EP were given a chance to meet James up close during the fan signing and meet and greet session. 
Fans get to meet James up close during the fan signing session
Thanks to Universal Music Malaysia, we get to sit down with James to talk about his music and collaboration with Soo Young and Amber.
We met James one day earlier before the showcase to have a group interview
Q: How do you feel returning to Malaysia?
James: I really want to come back to Malaysia specifically because I had such a great time last two times when I was here. So, it was part of the deal. (haha) When they said "let's promote this in Malaysia" and I said "Just do it!" 

Q: Amber and Soo Young are featured in this EP, how did the collaboration come about? 
James: After my accident, Amber and Soo Young came to visit me quite often in the hospital. They are just very beautiful people from inside and out, like I am really lucky to have such sincere friends. Because is hard to allocate your time, you know people are busy. Like today, my media schedule is morning til night and they are doing that (as well). They are superstars. They have no time but they make the time (for me), so I feel very blessed by them. They both didn't ask for any pay and they just literally want to be part of this. 

I specifically want her (Soo Young) voice in "Let's Get Away" because I felt the melody is a little complicated but the song itself is very pure and she has a very pure voice so I thought it will match well with the song. For Amber, a lot of people know that she paid for half of the "Perfect" music video. She didn't get anything, she's just like 'Let's do this!'. She fights for what she believes in. It was a pleasure, absolute pleasure. She even brought me a Red Velvet signed album CD. I was like I was such a odd guy cause I was so happy. It's stated "James" and I was like "OMG they know me~" (haha) but I am BLACKPINK fan (hahaha) I just turned into their fans 2 days ago.

Q: What's your favourite verse in "The Light"?
James: The first line of The Light is so emotional but I think it describes how I feel so precisely at that time. Now I look back at it, I feel so cringy...(haha) You know how it feels when you looked back...Actually, I had like an online diary...like a long time ago and I wrote it when I was 13 years old...Is horrifying! Is like "my emotions today", so is kinda like that. But The Light, I was totally honest when I wrote it. I am not trying to trick anybody..not that I was before, but my intention is just to write how I felt and I think is very pure. "I am on the edge of clarity / It's the same fight everyday. / Chasing demons and ghosts away" that's how I felt honestly during that time.

Q: Tell us more about your music style.
James: It's been trending towards like EDM. I said like so many times I am a terrible dancer, horrible in dancing. Have you seen me trying to dance? It's like watching a car in slow motion. (haha) You'll be like.."No~ Stop!" So dancing is a no for me, rapping is a no for me but I love hip hop. I naturally just love listening to it, makes me feel good, feel tough. But I incorporated elements of hip hop in the EDM and pop music, so I kinda made that into my own colour with my voice.
Q: What songs do you listening to right now? Did you get any inspiration from there? 
Other Media: Other than BLACKPINK, Red Velvet..?
James: Actually, I didn't listen to BLACKPINK that much, I watch BLACKPINK (haha). I have been listening to more like Blackbear, Loud... like Western pop. And there's a Chinese artist called Lin You Jia (Yoga Lin) that I really like, his music is more like old school radio head, oasis..kinda like alternative pop rock.

Q: So, any upcoming songs with similar music genre?
James: You know people get influenced by what they see. But Indie rock is how I started, like metal indie rock/ R&B. But I don't think is special, my songs are more like emo/ EDM/ elements of hip hop.

Q: What's your upcoming plan this year?
James: This year, I'll be releasing a lot of music. I wrote..I have like 10 new songs that already mastered and just waiting for the right time to release. Cause the thing with The Light EP is I feel like a lot of people didn't get to listen to some of the tracks on the EP other than the ones...Like the one that Soo Young did was great cause she's the senior. But others didn't get much attraction, like the original version of "Let's Get away", that's my favourite track. So, I want to release new singles and I also wrote some songs with my friend, Erik Lidbom. If you know K-POP, you definitely heard his songs, just that you don't know is he who did it. He also did pretty much of J-POP. He wrote songs for EXO, TWICE, CN BLUE. He's out there, he's one of the creators of the K-POP sound and he wrote BOA's "Hurricane Venus". He's a genius, we wrote 4-5 songs together.

May 10, there's a song called "Mad" will be coming out. Technically, that is the most positive song since "The Light". "Automatic" is a fun, dancey song. When I try to perform, that is so different but I think I am gonna get use to it. But "Mad" is something closer to "The Light" and I think it's a powerful track. I am very happy with this one. Yes, a lot of music and hopefully more to come.

Check out what happen during James Lee: The Light Live in KL:

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