Oh!K Is Here to Cheer Up Your Lonely Hearts This Black Day!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Singles in Korea celebrate 14 April, the Black Day | Black Day Infographic from Oh!K
We all know 14 February is Valentine's Day and 14 March is a White day but do you know Korean celebrate 14 April as well?

14 April in Korea is celebrated as the Black Day which is a day specifically designed for single people in Korea. Those who did not receive presents on Valentine's Day or White day will gather and commiserate by dressing in black and eat the signature Jjajangmyeon (also known as black bean sauce noodles).

What did Korean do during the Black Day?
Oh!K Jjajang myeon Taste Test with YouTuber Amosvsms
On Black Day, jjajang myeon-eating contests will be organised and many singles in Korea will be seen having jjajang-myeon in the restaurant, comforting themselves with a bowl of noodle. (ps: sounds so sad TT) Not only jjajang-myeon, black coffee sales in Korea also spike up on Black Day, which shows that any food symbolize the black colour will be consumed during that day. Singles also dress up in black as a way to embrace their singlehood.

Oh!K Continues Its Celebration of Love with Oh!K's Sarang Haeyo
To join the Black Day festivities, Oh!K invited YouTubers Amosvsms to try out and give their verdict on jjajangmyeon and other popular dark-sauce noodle dishes! Find out which dish they liked best here:
And of course, no celebration is complete without our favourite romantic Korean dramas and plenty of laughter. Here’s how Oh!K do a Black Day Party:
Calling all the singles out there – let’s gather and celebrate singlehood on Black Day as Oh!K are here to cheer up our lonely hearts with special videos curated on this special day!

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