Indie Sensation HYUKOH Showcases Amazing Indie Performances at KL LIVE in Malaysia

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Cheers echoed the whole venue as fans gathered to see the one and only K-indie icon, HYUKOH to start their performances. The four-piece who was here in town successfully held their 2-hours show at KL LIVE on 20th February 2019.

Malaysia is definitely no stranger to HYUKOH – the band held their first sold-out show gig back in 2017, as a part of Urbanscapes line-up. Fans were extremely lucky enough to see the band again as they brought “24: How to Find True Love and Happiness Tour” to KL, which was organized by U-Mobile and Upfront Arena.
Despite the event being held on a weekday, the venue still attracted over thousands of fans that came all the way from different cities and countries. Fans were full of anticipation and excitement, dressing up to fit in the edgy theme of the band - chattering away as they waited for their faves to appear on stage.

Starting off with the opening act Lost Spaces, the local band showed off their chill yet cool vibes as they played their first song. Fans were immediately hooked with their quirky unique sounds as they started jamming to their performance. The band had variety of different styles in their music, leaving no moment of dullness to the audience.
After the first local act performance, the show slowly transitioned as the lights started dimming and there was an EDM-like sound started playing in the background. Fans went wild as HYUKOH appeared on stage, performing their first intro song called 'SkyWorld'.
The stage was so hypnotizing, the lights changed to different neon colors whilst synchronizing to the beat of their songs, illuminating the whole stage to fit in the mood.
 The band continuously performed couple of songs including ‘Wi lng, Wi lng,”, ‘Graduation’ and ‘Panda Bear’. The vibes that they gave off were simply mysterious, but it can be sometimes sad, and happy as well.  hey were very honest and vulnerable towards their performances, pouring their hearts out to the sea of audience.
The fans were dancing and chanting to every lyric of their songs, leaving them feeling overwhelmed by their love and passion for the band’s music.

During the break between their songs, Oh Hyuk did mention that there is a reason why he named his album ‘How To Find True Love and Happiness’, he said

“Because I am still trying to find it, and I hope all of you guys will find it too”
The show resumed as HYUKOH performed other of their songs including, ‘Wanli’, ‘Goodbye Seoul’, and ‘Ohio'.

One of the highlights of the night was during ‘TOMBOY’ – the fans started using their phones to flash to their lights, waving and singing along to the song. Out of all the songs they performed, the singalong was the loudest. It was definitely an emotional moment as Oh Hyuk’s soulful voice simply pulled of their heartstrings with the melancholy performance.  (Check out the video below!)
Fans were still eager for more of their songs, the band, without any hesitation encored the crowd with their all-time hit songs ‘Tokyo Inn’ and ‘Comes and Goes’.
It was definitely an intriguing experience attending HYUKOH’s live show, especially witnessing how unique and emotionally honest their performances are. With that being said, that is the reason why the band received so much love and support from fans. Hopefully we will get to see more of HYUKOH  music in the future real soon.

Special thanks to UMobile for inviting us to HYUKOH Live in KL!

photos source: UMobile & All is Amazing

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