K-POP Sensation, EXO wows Sold-Out Crowd in Malaysia!

Monday, July 09, 2018

EXO was the centre of attention at Malaysia yesterday (7 July) as more than 10,000 EXO-Ls flocked to Axiata Arena just to watch EXO Planet #4 – "The EℓyXiOn" in Kuala Lumpur. This marked EXO's third visit to Malaysia but for some, this might be your 1st concert or even your once in a lifetime opportunity to see your favourites. So, let's get into it.
The venue was filled with energetic vibes from the very beginning with EXO-Ls lining up since last midnight and fans club members were seen giving out free banners outside the stadium. The vibes spread to the stadium with fans singing along EXO's hits and waving the group's official lightstick before the concert starts. Everyone was there for the same reason - EXO.
Dressed in regal white suits, EXO made their grand entrance with "The Eve" followed by "Forever". Riding on the impressive entrance, the members continued with the chart-topper, "Ko Ko Bop" and "Growl".
After the hits, each member was given a chance to shine through their solo and duo performances. Starting from Xiumin and Baekhyun's dance battles, to D.O and Chanyeol's ballad performance (For Life), to individual performances featuring rapping, dancing and singing. Unlike previous setlist, this time around, EXO showcased their individual talents. (ps: which is your favourite solo or duo performance?)
During the short break, the members introduced themselves to the crowd with leader Suho commenting, "Long time no see Malaysia, did you miss us?", which without question, got a 'YES' reply from the crowd.

The stage changed into a classy-style bar with the members in a dapper grey suit performing "Call Me Baby", "Touch It", "Chill", "Sweet Lies", "Boomerang" and "Lotto". Fans went frenzy when the members came to the centre stage to perform. Thanks to the stage design, we were able to see the members up close. Chen even commented, "Can you see us clearly?" "How about people on the upper stairs?". The sub-unit group, EXO-CBX then took over the stage with "Ka-Ching!". The show continued with more solo stages with Suho's sexy rendition of "Playboy" followed by Chanyeol's self-written rap "Hands".
Clad in white, the members performed the more heartfelt tracks "Cloud9", "What U Do?", "Tender Love" and "Walk On Memories". Chen remained on stage after the group performances and showcased his sweet vocal, "Heaven", Sehun, however, showcased his powerful choreography, "GO".
Fans went wild chanting for EXO when the 8 members were back on stage with the black and red outfits. The stadium changed to a strong and more upbeat atmosphere when "Coming Over", "Run This", "Drop That" and "Power" were played. 
Fans were seen screaming and dancing to the beats, turning the stadium to a nightclub. Screams of the 10,000-strong EXO-Ls left Suho commented, "Seems like all the fans coming here today is to shout-out-loud". (ps: be prepared to drink only the honey lemon for the following week)
Before bidding the farewell, Kai commented, "I am so happy to see the happy faces here today. I am so glad to be able to interact with the fans. You guys are the best!". Suho then made his final speech and said "We'll come back for the next concert. We love Malaysia." After spending hours drenched in sweat singing and dancing, the members made a wonderful close with fans' favourite, "Don't Go" and "Angel".

Yesterday was indeed a great night to remember. We would like to give a 10 out of 10 for the overall experience as the stage design, props, lighting and arrangement were just on point. Of course, a 10 for EXO as well, who mesmerised the sold-out crowd with their versatile vocals and powerful choreography. The charm found in these boys combined with their talents exactly why they are known as the K-POP sensation.

photo source: Official Photos from Star Planet

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