The King successfully wraps up their Get-Together Party tour in Malaysia 2018

Monday, May 07, 2018

From left to right: Choi Rang, Donghyeok, Sejin, Seungjae, Bawool
Upcoming South Korean idol group, The King has definitely landed a memorable mark for Malaysian fans as they made their stop in Kuala Lumpur for their Get-Together Party tour at Berjaya Times Square on April 29th.

Fans were extremely thrilled to see the five-member group again ever since their last visit at SungHoon’s Fan meeting in 2017. The boys were invited as opening guests and managed to win their fans’ hearts over their contagious charms and distinctive catchy music. However this time, they scored another chance as a group to have their own full-scale tour in Malaysia from April 27th until May 1st 2018, which was organized by Yipin Studio.
Left: Seungjae, Right: Donghyeok
The long awaited fan meeting kicked off with the boys performing “Look Back” and “Destiny”. Suited and prepped in black suits, the boys welcomed the fans with their powerful dance moves and live vocals The venue was swarmed with almost hundred over dedicated fans cheering and singing in unison with the members.
Despite the full schedule and scorching hot weather at Times Square, it did not stop the members from being highly energetic and interactive with the crowd. The members introduced themselves one by one, happily greeting the fans with “Apa Khabar!” (How are you)! The boys were very overwhelmed with the fans’ enthusiasm, even brought out their own “vlogging” camera to film to surprise the fans.

The fanmeeting escalated with even more excitement as the boys and the MC started to choose the lucky fans to join the game sessions with them. The members played the Poker Face game where the fans have to guess who drank the coke with salt in it… we already guessed which member got the wrong one! (Poor member Sejin!)
The King members continued to perform other songs including ‘Makes Me High’, ‘Strange’, and ‘The Ocean and You’. (We are convinced that they consumed CDs for breakfast… their live performance is that amazing!!)
Left: Seungjae, Right: Bawool

Choi Rang
By ending off the show, lucky fans who purchased the ‘Selfie Card’ (Worth RM50-RM70) had the privilege to take a selfie with their favourite The King member. Not only that, fans also had the option to purchase the fan signing session and group photo as well! (Were you one of them? Put your hands up! We are definitely envious of you hehe)

Would like you to see them in Malaysia again? Hopefully they will come back soon! 

We would like to express our gratitude to Yipin Studio for inviting us to the fan meeting.

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