Wednesday, May 16, 2018

K-Pop superstar Sandara Park has recently teamed up with Rising local actresses Chantelle Ng and Tay Ying to host tvN Asia's brand new original production Get It Beauty On The Road. Following the concept of popular K-beauty programme Get It Beauty, the co-production between CJ E&M Hong Kong and StarHub TV will focus on exploring Korean beauty products and trends in Singapore. Get It Beauty On The Road aims to localise Korean beauty and makeup trends, as well as provide useful tips on skincare (especially with our hot weather over here!)

In their recent press conference over the last weekend, the trio had met with members of the media to share their filming adventures in Singapore as well as reveal their own personal beauty secrets. For both Chantalle and Tay Ying, Dara has always been a famous superstar that they had known about since they were much younger, which makes it even more stressful considering Dara’s popularity. However, after meeting her in person, they got comfortable quickly due to Dara’s kind-hearted and humble nature.

Dara also mentioned that the last time she was here with 2NE1 a couple of years back, she received a lot of love from local fans and is extremely excited to be back here in Singapore to visit multiple tourist attractions. It is her very first time having to film a big show in Singapore that is also her first show that requires her to converse in English, making it an experience that she was originally really worried about.

When asked about how she maintains her youthful looks, Dara had mentioned that her skincare routine is simple - she tries her best to do a mask pack everyday even if she is tired or feeling lazy, because fifteen minutes per day is all she needs to keep her skin hydrated. When asked to pick only three essential items, she picked the iconic BB cushion, as well as face masks and a lipstick that can be used for many purposes. For tips for the local viewers, she talked about how spending more time researching and understanding the kind of products we put on our face is important, because the tendency of having cakey makeup in our super hot and humid weather is really high.
One essential tip from Sandara: She emphasizes on the importance of drinking plenty of water

No doubt that everybody wanted to know when this fashionista realized her passion for makeup and fashion – the interest started at 8 years old, but the huge style change happened when Sandara first met her 2NE1 stylist. She grew to love outspoken styles, and even till now she still talks about fashion and styling with friends, as well as spending time to look for styles/trends that suit her perfectly. Her love for loud and unconventional styles had developed over time and was especially prominent after having met 2NE1’s stylist.

At the same time, Dara had also emphasized on the importance of getting sufficient sleep and exercise, and had also mentioned that she will be giving more home-based exercise tips to viewers of the upcoming series. There will also be many secret tips as well as beauty insights included in Get It Beauty On The Road, so local viewers can look forward to learning many beauty and skincare wellness tips from the trio!

Viewers can look forward to catch Get It Beauty On The Road on 10 July 2018 (Every Tuesday) at 18:30 on tvN Asia (StarHub TV Ch. 824 & Singtel TV Ch. 518/619) and at 20:00 on Hub E City (StarHub TV Ch. 111/825).

We would like to thank Starhub and TvN Asia for the coverage opportunity.

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(Photography: Nigel)

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