Sunday, May 13, 2018

OH! MY GIRL brought Singapore MIRACLEs to their ‘Secret Garden’ on 5 May at the Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa for their first fan meeting in our country. Home to the catchy tunes “Liar Liar”, “Windy DayandCloser, the girl group were donned in matching peach coloured costumes, looking as enthralling as ever. Kicking start the concert with “‘Love O’Clock, the fans were entranced by the dance synchronisation of the 6 members; vocal and visual Jiho had injured her leg and was unable to take part in the choreographies. “I am still recovering, unfortunately, I can’t dance today as I can’t put too much pressure on my leg.” she shared with the fans.

Windy Day” ensued shortly after, which is also one of the songs that helped the girl group reach stardom. The folk-pop centric song has an arresting choreography that goes along with it, making it one of the must listen and watch songs from their discography. 

After the performances, the group took the time to address Singapore MIRACLEs and introduced themselves individually. Eager to show the fans what they had to offer for today's fan meet, the members were given time to showcase their talents. Seunghee beatboxed while Mimi rapped for the crowd, while members Seunghee and Hyojung beguiled us with their breath-taking vocals. Arin did "aegyo" as the crowd sang the "Gwiyomi song" for her, but fans are already aware that hs ie naturally cute without doing anything.

The show must go on, and the girl group showcased their girl crush charms during their performance of Butterfly, followed by sensational B-side “Je T’aime which showed the softer side of the girl group.

When it comes to working in a group, teamwork is one of the factors that can make or break them. To test the bond of OH! MY GIRL, the girls were assigned different tasks in order to win the challenge. Firstly, Seunghee and Jiho were designated to move 5 beans with long chopsticks to the plate, while YooAhas to spin using the hula hoop 5 times before Hyojung flips a bottle. Next up, Binnie had to throw 5 balls into a container above Mimi’s head and the girls have to form a balloon train (with Arin taking the lead) and walk the circumference of the stage before winning the game With 3 minutes to spare, OH! MY GIRL was able to prove that their friendship is one that is unbeatable.

Bringing back their A game, subunit Banhana performed their first title song Banana Allergy Monkey, which showcased one of the many eccentric styles the group is able to pull off. Consisting of ArinHyojung and Binnie, the girls were able to make the crowd smile with their radiance.

It was a very special day for Singapore MIRACLEs, and the seven stars were the reason why. The girls were challenged to design three cookies each to showcase their artistic skills, and they were given as gifts to lucky fans! If we were them, we wouldn’t bear to eat the delicious and pretty cookies! 

At last, it was time for the girls to bring summer to us. Unleashing their charms once again, they were ready to rob our hearts with hit title song Listen to My Word (A-ing) before proceeding with their incredibly catchy debut song, Cupid. The girl group definitely managed to shoot our hearts with their love that day!

The incredibly sweet Singapore MIRACLEs prepared a special video for OH! MY GIRL, and the girls were touched by the sweet gesture. As a cake rolled out, the girls were shocked yet thankful when they found out that the cake was to celebrate the group’s 3rd Anniversary, and Mimi’s birthday that passed on 1st May. 

Ending on a high note, the girls closed the fan meet with enchanting title song Closer, calming beside B612, and Secret Garden. We hope to see OH! My Girl on our little red dot in the near future, and will be rooting for them to reach their goals!

GOkpop would like to thank LifeMusix Entertainment for giving us the opportunity for coverage. 

Pictures credits to LifeMusix Entertainment!

Check out GOkpop's social media platforms for more pictures!

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