EXO Planet #4: The EℓyXiOn in Singapore

Saturday, March 10, 2018

EXO, having started their tour since November, made a stop in Singapore for their
EXO Planet #4: The EℓyXiOn on the 3rd of March, 2018. In anticipation of the group’s arrival at 4pm on the Saturday evening, the Singapore Indoor stadium was illuminated by the excited 8,000 strong crowd and their white official lightsticks. The group kickstarted their concert with “The Eve”, a melodic yet also powerful R&B track that hyped up the audience. After that, they followed up with "Forever" as well as chart-topping songs "Ko Ko Bop" and "Growl". The concert featured impressive lighting works that amplified the ambiance of their performance.

They carried on the concert with a duet dance piece by members Xiumin and Baekhyun, and a
solo performance by the group’s main dancer, Kai titled “I See You”. They took a quick break and
returned to the stage with a new set of outfits, with a stage set up to mimic a scenario of a bar, in
order to suit the mood of the performances that featured songs “Call Me Baby”, “Touch It” and
Chill”. The crowd was then serenaded by D.O’s English version of “For Life”, with Chanyeol
playing the piano as an accompaniment. The group then joined in to perform hits “Boomerang
and “Lotto”. Shortly after, the performance was carried forward with EXO’s subunit CBX and their
new single “Ka-Ching!”, with the members having fun with customized props such as dollar bills
that featured their own faces.

Without wasting any time, more subsequent solo acts were featured, such as Suho with
Playboy”, which he mentioned that the unusual camera angle from the front had amplified his
sexiness in; as well as Chanyeol with his soulful rap, “Hands”, that had subtle mentions of his
struggles in pursuing his dreams.

During the second half of their three hour-long performance, they performed along the extended stage with "Cloud 9", "What U Do", "Tender Love", and "Walk On Memories" in order to get a closer interaction with the fans seated further away from the stage.

Subsequently, the mood of the concert had transitted into its climax with fast tempo hits such as
Diamond”, “Coming Over”, “Run This”, “Drop That” and “Power”. Then, as the members made an exit to the back of the stage, the lights turned off and fans started to sing along to “For Life”,
fervently swaying their lightsticks and chanting for EXO to get back on stage. The group then
returned afterwards and completed their encore stage with songs “Don’t Go” and “Angel”, before
thanking and bidding farewell to their fans.

Photo credits: Rock Records & One Production

We would like to thank One Production and Rock Records for extending the invitation to GOkpop.

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