Sunday, February 04, 2018

The highly anticipated group, Super Junior, returns to Singapore for their Super Show 7 on 27th Jan 2018.

Members of the group who completed their mandatory military service also performed at the show. Singapore indoor stadium was gathered with a crowd of 7,500 fans, filling the stadium with their beautiful sapphire blue light.
The stadium bright lights dimmed when the 7 gentlemen appeared suavely on stage. Kicking off the show with 'Black Suit' from' their latest album 'Play', and also 'Mamacita' and 'Scene Stealer', before officially greeting their lovely fans.

As known by fans, Super Junior are eccentric in their own ways. They introduced themselves in their own quirky manner and fans can be heard cracking up.  A few highlights from their introduction are Eunhyuk and Heechul expressing their love for crabs, especially chili crab, to the extent they made a dance out of it. One of the best leader in the Korean entertainment industry, Leeteuk, claiming ELFs are his princesses. I bet the fans' heart skipped a beat after hearing that.
Without further ado, the members continued the show with 'Shirt'. Heating up the stadium with their energy, the members sweat profusely that their white shirts became see-through. Fans' eyes are blessed! The group also performed to some of their old songs such as 'It's You' and 'This Is Love'.

Super Junior loyal fan-bases in Singapore created fan projects to serenade the members. During 'Memories' and 'Stars', all the fans held the banner with "I will love you more every day". 

After numerous times in Singapore, the members never forgot to portray their love for Singapore. Especially Heechul stating this is one of the countries he wanted to visit after his discharge from the army.  Donghae also added "Singapore ladies are very beautiful".
A highly remarkable moment of the show was a VCR showing the members' parody to Power Rangers. They wore the costume and performed "Rokkugo", fans were very amused by them.

Ending off the show with 'Devil', 'Spin Up' and 'Miracle'. Not missing out fans around the stadium, the members tried their best to go around everywhere in the stadium and gave out fan-service. How thoughtful can they be!

Multilingual as much as they can, the members spoke in Chinese and Singlish.
Donghae: "谢谢你们来到我们的演唱会! 真的谢谢你们!我们永远在一起"  Heechul "
Heechul: "非常非常很高兴 谢谢你们!"
Eunhyuk:" I can speak English very well! I love you guys! I need you tonight! Thank you lah Heechul: POLICE!!!!!!"
Laughter is the best medicine! What to beat a concert filled with top-notch performances and laughter?
The members definitely made the night an unforgettable one. Please come back to Singapore soon!

Photo credits: One Production
Snippets of the show can be seen on GOkpop's Twitter with #SS7inSG hashtag.

We would extend our gratitude to One Production for giving us the opportunity to cover the event.

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