Sponsored by Trazy: Winter skiing and snowboarding at Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort + Nami Island

Monday, January 29, 2018

Finding outdoor activities during winter day is a struggle as sorting out a trip and planning for a getaway are ain’t no easy. When we were looking for a ski trip near Seoul, Trazy.com, an English friendly touring booking website came right on time and offered us a 2 Days 1 Night ski package to Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort with an option to Nami Island.

Overview of Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort
Ice sculpture at Nami Island: 2018 Happy New Year
Thanks to Elysian & Nami Island tour package, it is much more easier for us to travel. The package covers transportation, pick up/drop off services, 1-night stay at a pension near Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort, ski gear (ski/snowboard, ski clothes), lift pass (rides to the mountain to ski), entrance fees and ferry ride to Nami Island. So, let’s start our ski and Nami Island weekend getaways.
The bus that transported us to Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort
Our tour began with a pickup service at Hongdae, exit 8 (ps: Myeongdong and Dongdaemun pick-up services are available as well). After 1.5 hours drive, we arrived a ski shop and picked up our ski clothes before heading to Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort.
Ski clothes are available in S, M & L sizes
Gloves, goggles and helmets are available for rent at 10,000won(RM40) per day
We chose ski for the1st-day and snowboarding for the 2nd-day. The main reason why Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort has selected as the best place to ski it's because it provides a number of ski slopes that suitable for all skiers. So, worry-free if you’re first time skier as the bunny slope is available for you.
The 'snow white' scenery in the morning: Best moment to ski
First time skiers/snowboarders learning to ski at the bunny slope
Without carrying the heavy ski gear up to the hill, take the lift
We started off at the bunny slope where most of the first time skiers crowded there to get their first move (ps: be extra cautious when riding down the slopes as first time skier riding behind might accidentally bump into you). After getting used to the ski equipment we then took a ride to the beginner slope and enjoyed the downhill run from the top. Don’t worry if you have no basic skill on skiing because Trazy.com provides private and group lessons too.
The queue to take a ride to the mountain. It is differentiated into A1: Newbie (초심), A: Beginner and B: Intermediate, so you may choose the slopes that best suits you
Enjoying our skiing moment from the top
Many would ask how about food? Although the Elysian package did not include lunch but there are restaurant and food stalls available at the ski resort. A 10% off discount coupon was given by the tour guide and we did enjoy our lunch at a cheaper price.
10% discount coupon that available only at Elysian Ski Resort Restaurants
Western, Korean and Chinese foods are available ranging from 9,000won (RM32.80) and above
Jajjang Bap (Rice with Black Bean Sauce) - 9,000won (RM32.80) & Gangchon Beef Stew - 12,000won (RM43.70)
Korea street food, Tteobboki is available right beside the ski resort
After a long-haul day, we then headed to Gangchon Yoowoogneul Pension which is around 15minutes away from Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort. Before that, we stopped by a market and got our snacks and breakfast for the next day. (ps: breakfast is not included)
We stayed 1 night at Gangchon Yoowoogneul Pension (여우그늘 펜션)
If you did not order the BBQ dinner, you can buy your own ingredients and rent the charcoal grill at 15,000won (RM60). Thanks to Trazy.com, we had a pleasant barbecue dinner which ogyeop-sal, soft tofu stew, grilled sausages and mushrooms were served.
The staff prepared the dinner for us and the portion is more than enough for 2 people
Slurp to the soft tofu stew
The pension? Yes, we were satisfied with the friendly staff and the well-equipped room. Look at the princess-like room that equipped with TV, heater and most importantly free Wi-Fi service.
A room that is perfect fit for 2 person
1st Day Elysian Ski Package Overall Review:
Staff/Tour Guide: 
--------------- 4/5
(*friendly & good converse in English, but sometimes the guide seems unfamiliar with who have done extra bookings on other activities, so you have to double check with the guide)
Ski Satisfaction: ---------------- 4/5
(*It's slightly packed with people during our visit)
Pension Service: ---------------- 5/5
(*Friendly staff, Comfortable room, Good facilities)
Food/Dinner: -------------------- 5/5
Day2: Snowboarding experience 
We trying hard to look like a pro in snowboarding ><
The fun part of snowboarding is the continuing process of falling down  ><
In the next morning, we back to Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort and started our first time snowboarding experience. Unlike skiing, learning snowboarding is much harder for us. It took us a long process to learn and keeping our body balance. (ps: if you know how to surf, imagine learning it without the water ><) After a few try on snowboarding, we then returned our ski gear and getting ready to explore the half day trip to Nami Island which is just 30minutes away from the ski resort.
Entrance fees & ferry ride are included in Elysian & Nami Island package
Ferry ride to Nami Island which only takes about 7 minutes
So here comes the half day trip to the wonderland, Nami Island. We took a quick ferry ride from Gapyeong Ferry Wharf to Nami Island.
As soon as you reach Nami Island, you will see this impressive photo zone located on the left-hand side of the entrance
Full of 'Winter Sonata' memories - the future Bae Yong Joon & Choi Ji Woo?
The winter wonderland, Nami Island has been used for various Korean romance dramas and it is popularised by one of the iconic Korean drama, Winter Sonata. Do spot the drama scenes while walking through Nami Island and remember to strike a pose like Bae Yong Joon & Choi Ji Woo’s life-size copper statue. (ps: we couldn't find the statue, so be sure to check it out during your visit and share us the picture!) If you’re not familiar with the drama, no worries, as Nami Island offers more than you imagine.
Nami Island Snowman Festival available this winter
The picture-perfect scenery all year around is the best reason for a visit. This winter, Nami Island has it's own Snowman Festival which offers unique ice sculptures, free sledding and other winter-only activities. Pictures speak more than words!

What to do/see/eat at Nami Island? 
Hands-on activities: Ice Sculpting
Challange yourself and make your own ice sculpture for FREE. 
Bicycle Center: Ride A Bike
Experience Nami Island in a different way! Bicycles are available for rent. 
Single, Couple and Family Bicycle Ride are available 
Free Sledding
Snow sledding area is located right behind the ice sculpture exhibition
How can we say no to sledding? People of all ages enjoyed it!
Photo zone: Ice Sculpture Exhibition
Hanok style ice sculpture
Impressed by the detailed Hanok Style Ice Sculpture 
feels like we were at the North Pole >< 
Photo Zone: 'Snowman' 
Feeling extra warm when spotted the 'snowman' with Malaysia traditional attires
Selfie Zone
Take a selfie with your loved ones
Photo Zone: The Must Take- Tree-Lined Avenues
Great spot for a pose and it's time to change your profile picture ^^
Must Eat Snack: Hotteok
Hotteok (Korean pancake), 1,500 won (RM5.50) one of the most popular snacks during winter. It’s hot and sweet.

Sonata Cafe, where you can get the delicious Hotteok
Must Eat Snack: Red Bean Bun
Red bean bun, 1,000won (RM3.60), another perfect snack that will warm you up
2nd Day Nami Island Overall Review: -------------- 5/5
(*with various outdoor activities available and most importantly most of the activities are free-of-charge! Definitely will return for a 2nd visit)
Sunset at Nami Island
The view from the ferry when on the way back to Gapyeong Ferry Wharf 
We had well spent our weekend skiing at Elysian Gangchin Ski Resort and exploring Nami Island. Korea is getting colder these days but rather than wrapping yourself in a blanket and staying in your house, walking around to enjoy the winter activities definitely will give you a different winter experience. So, embrace the cold and explore this winter with Trazy.com. With everything is taken care ahead of the schedule, we travelled without the bunch of hassles and simply enjoyed every activity that is provided.

This trip is sponsored by Trazy.com, an English friendly booking website offers various travel packages. For more information, or book Elysian & Nami Island package, visit here.

*all photos are credit to GOKpop Malaysia

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