PARK SEO JUN Live 2017 "Guess Who" Press Conference in Singapore

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

On 3rd November 2017, PARK SEO JUN held a press conference for his LIVE 2017 "Guess Who" Fan-Meeting in Singapore. Decked out in a blue suit, he calmly started off the press conference with a short greeting.
Starting off the press conference with a question regarding his friendship, "bromance", with his co-actors, Kang Ha Neul and Lee Kwang Soo. Park Seo Jun expressed that he is very thankful towards both of them for their guidance and chemistry. He also praised them as talents and wishes to maintain a long-lasting friendship with them.Park Seo Jun regretfully said that he and Kang Ha Neul was supposed to meet up in Korea but ended up not because Kang Ha Neul enlisted into the army before they could have a meal together.
Acted in numerous roles, Park Seo Jun said that he always gave his all throughout all the roles by placing himself in the characters' shoes to aptly portrays the emotions. In contrast to his cheerful, goofy and cheeky roles he took on, he admitted to a totally different personality off-screen. He believed it was his shortcoming initially but he accepted his personality as part of him instead of overcoming it. A question that cannot be obliterated was how he maintains his chiseled body figure throughout filming. He said that the only way is to work out continuously and eat healthily. It seems that he had a strict diet for the success of his body figure. Playing sports may be another reason to maintain his fitness because all his fans should probably know that he is a fan of baseball from young. However, he declined that assumption as he shyly admitted to a deteriorating stamina of his recently.
Lastly, Park Seo Jun was treated to Singapore's famous pandan cake and coconut water. When asked upon the taste, he gladly complemented both the delicacies of Singapore. In addition, he learned to praise the food by saying "Shiok."

We would like to thank Unusual Entertainment for the invitation.

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