A wonderful Korea Drama Night with Sung Hoon + Special guests: The King & Rookie Actors, Lee Pan Do & Ho Seong

Thursday, November 02, 2017

In the last week of October, actor Sung Hoon graced Malaysian shores together with uprising K-pop group, The King and also two rookie actors, Lee Pan Do and Ho Seong at 'Korea Drama Night' which hosted by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

Thousands of fans swarmed to KLCC Plenary Hall on 28 October 2017 (Saturday), 7pm just to watch Sung Hoon up close. Fans who not able to grab the tickets were seen waited outside the venue just to catch a glimpse of the actor.
If you think Sung Hoon is only good in acting, a big no-no as he surprised the audiences by performing a total of 4 songs, “Pumping Jumping”, “My Style” and drama ‘My Secret Romance’ OSTs - “You are the world of me” and “The Ocean and You”.

Two fans were picked on stage to play games with Sung Hoon during the game session. (ps: Sung Hoon even picked fans from the upper tier *furthest from the stage* which given the chance to every fans at the venue to meet him up close) One of the warm-hearted moments was Sung Hoon trying to solve the issue when three fans instead of two came on stage. Gifts were given to all three fans and Sung Hoon even left his autograph on the photo books. When comes to the photo session, fans showed their desired in hoping to stand right beside Sung Hoon and once again, Sung Hoon switched his position for each fans to have the chance to stand beside him. (ps: such a sweet OPPA)
Other than Sung Hoon, KTO also brought Sung Hoon's labelmates, The King, actors Lee Pan Do and Ho Seong to Malaysia to meet the fans for the very first time. (ps: The King's Bawool studied in Malaysia previously so this was not his first visit~) The King, is a K-pop group who well-known for their popular single, 'The Outline of Love'. (ps: recently, they released the mandarin version of the single)
Surprisingly Lee Pando and Ho Seong sang really well as being an actor. The guests started with collaboration stage where The King’s Bawool and Lee Pando sang drama Goblin's OST, ‘First Snow' followed by The King's ‘Look Back’ and ‘Makes Me High’ performances. The crowd went wild when Sung Hoon joined the stage during 'The Ocean and You' performance. The collaboration stage ended with Lee Pando, Ho Seong and The King's Sejin's 'Blue' performance. (ps: The King live performance was really great too, hope they will comeback and release more songs!) 

Before the night ended, Sung Hoon transformed as a DJ and turned the venue into a nightclub. The audiences can't hide but jumping off their seats and followed the rhythm. Thanks to the exciting Sung Hoon DJ non-stop playing the beats during the encore stage, the show was extended to an hour. (ps: thank you for showing your loves to Malaysian fans~ xD)
The surprise is not ended as Sung Hoon prepared a hi-touch session in showing appreciation to the fans who came to the event. (ps: Sung Hoon wore a glove in showing respect to our Muslim friends, He even explained before the hi-touch session that depending on the fans, they can choose to come on stage to greet him without having hi-touch.) We were truly amazed by Sung Hoon's thoughtfulness.

Bonus for our readers! Check out how Sung Hoon's Baby Shark Aegyo. Too cute to describe: 

1. Pumping Jumping
2. First Snow
3. Look Back
4. Makes Me High
5. The Ocean and You
7. You are the world of me
8. My Style

Followed by the announcement of the direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jeju Island recently, Korea Tourism Organization once again brought us some great news! During the 'Korea Drama Night', KTO also announced that next year there'll be direct flight from Johor to Seoul! (ps: Rejoice, Johor people) For your info, 'Korea Drama Night' was held with the main vision to promote Korea culture and hoping to make Korea as the main tourist destination for Malaysian. 

Thank you KTO and IME Asia for the invitation.

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