Nam Joo Hyuk, the heart-throb to thousands of Malaysian fans!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

YG Entertainment's Nam Joo Hyuk made his first visit to Malaysia on 21st October 2017. Thousands of fans gathered at Kenanga Wholesale City for the last stop of his fan meeting tour, Nam Joo Hyuk Private Stage [Close Up] in Kuala Lumpur

Nam Joo Hyuk started his career as a model, who then gained popularity through several dramas such as Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, School 2015 and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. We even heard fans shouting "Ha Baek! Ha Baek!" (the character name that he acted in drama, Bride of the Water God) at the opening stage when he appeared on stage. 
Nam Joo Hyuk tried his best to perform a total of 4 songs, although there were some mistakes but the cheers from the crowd grew loudly in giving support to him. Nam Joo Hyuk then adorably apologised for forgetting the lyrics and fans praised him for carrying on despite the mistakes. Asides, Nam Joo Hyuk prepared a song specially for Malaysia fans as this was the last stop of his fan meeting. (ps: Malaysian fans you're lucky enough~ xD
The fan meeting was like a "Get-To-Know-NamJooHyuk" event, as he shared lots of his personal feelings and experiences to the fans. From the VCRs played at the fan meeting, fans got to know (although the fans probably already knew XD) the 'history' of Nam Joo Hyuk which is about how he changed his career from a basketball player to a model, then as an actor.  Not only that, the VCRs also featured his childhood photos and also some of the drama scenes that he has acted.
When being asked which his favourite drama role, Nam Joo Hyuk answered: "The role as Jung Joon Hyung from drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo because the character personality is close to my real personality."

Nam Joo Hyuk also revealed that the most memorable script from his drama and the answer is still the same --> Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo! Watch what he said about it: 
Fans were well-pampered by Nam Joo Hyuk as he prepared his personal items such as suit, drama 'Bride of the Water God' plush toy for the lucky fans. Before given out to the fans he left a signature on the plush toy and even hugged and kissed it. (ps: awesome fans service)
Halfway throughout the fan meeting, Nam Joo Hyuk transformed as a chef and made kimbap for the fans. In order to get the desired ingredients to make the kimbap, Nam Joo Hyuk was needed to complete the mission with the fans such as staring game, telepathy challenge, push up challenge and bottle flip challenge game. As Nam Joo Hyuk lost during the staring game, he had no choice but to put wasabi in the kimbap. The kimbap then was delivered to a 'lucky' fans. (ps: hmmm...should we say this is a gift or punishment? ㅋㅋㅋ) In apologies for delivering the 'wasabi' kimbap to the fans, the sweet Nam Joo Hyuk left an autograph on the apron that he wore and give it to the fans. (ps: even though the fans reassured that the kimbap was yummy XD)
Right after, four lucky fans then were picked on stage to reenact the famous scenes of drama Bride of the Water God with Nam Joo Hyuk. Fans who sat at the audience seats can't hide their jealousy and were seen shouting out of jealousy throughout the whole session. Just look at how Nam Joo Hyuk gave a back hug to one of the fans!
Before the fan meeting ended, Nam Joo Hyuk sat down and read his hand-written letter to the fans in thanking them for giving the supports and loves. The surprise is not ending yet as Nam Joo Hyuk walked down the stage to meet fans up close when performing the encore song. Nam Joo Hyuk even prepared roses and gave the fans. 
Knowing that fans would definitely miss him after he left and he promised to return to Malaysia every year if the fans continued to support him! So, Malaysian fans you know what to do. Show your love more in order for him to return for his second visit.  

Thank you GALAXY GROUP for the invitation.

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