9 Sep: SEVENTEEN Showcase Diverse Performances at First KL Concert

Friday, September 15, 2017

Throwback to last Saturday (9 September) when Seventeen showcased their multifaceted talents at their first world tour 'Diamond Edge' in Kuala Lumpur. Stadium Negara was filled with Seventeen's official light sticks, Carat Bong which combines the beautiful rose pink and serenity blue colours.
Kicking off their first concert in KL, Seventeen entered the stage in rainbow suits and performed 'Pretty U', 'Beautiful' and 'Adore U'.  Right after the vibrant opening performances, the members greeted the fans in Malay - "Apa Khabar", "Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan". Wonwoo even said: "It's really hot here, we just started but we are sweating so much!" (ps: don't be surprised by Malaysia hot weather throughout the year~^^) They went on to perform their hit songs 'Still Lonely', 'Very Nice', 'Mansae', 'Don't Wanna Cry' and more.
Highlights of the night were the anticipated sub-units performance which 13 members were split into 3 groups known as Performance Unit, Vocal Unit and Hip-Hop Unit. The audience was serenaded by the Vocal team - Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK and Seungkwan who performed the awesome acoustic tracks 'We Gonna Make It Shine' and 'Don't Listen Secretly'. The Hip-Hop team - Wonwoo, S.Coup, Mingyu and Vernon, however, took the stage with their swag and sexy performances 'Un Haeng Il Chi' and 'Check In'.  The crowd went hyped when the Performance team - Hoshi, The8, Dino and Jun killed the stage with energetic 'OMG' and powerful 'Highlight' performances.
Seventeen even offered an unexpected duet performance 'My I' where Jun and The8, the two Chinese members showed off their fascinating dance movement.
Not forgot to mention the great success of the fans project during 'Beautiful' and 'Healing' performances where the stadium was filled with the banners lifted up by fans written '내인생에 μ„ΈλΈν‹΄μžˆμ–΄μ„œ 정말 ν–‰λ³΅ν•΄μš”' which means 'My life is full of happiness because of Seventeen' and 'μΊλŸΏλ“€ λˆ„κ΅¬ μ• κΈ°?' which means 'Carats are whose baby?'
Before saying goodbye, Seventeen sat down and talked with the fans. Each member dropped a message to Malaysian fans who have been supporting them since debut. Dino: "Thank you for coming and filling up this place. Those who have been supporting us before we come to Malaysia. We'll come back." DK: "Thanks to everyone who came, we promise to come back with a better show and a better concert. We hope to come back soon, don't get sick and we will be back. Aku Cinta Kamu!"

Vernon: "Being able to perform in KL is an honour, we will keep working hard in return for your support and love." Woozi: "Every time when we see Carats singing together and chanting along, this gives us the strength to work harder and better. We will come back with better works and meet you guys. Thank you." Lastly, Seventeen specially thanks the fans and said: "Aku Cinta Kamu~"
KL show highlighted the uniqueness of the group which each member have their own colours that represent their own identities. We bet Malaysian Carats enjoyed this great night just like we did.

Bonus - Vernon & Hoshi
2017 Seventeen 1st World Tour "Diamond Edge" in KL Set-List:
1. Pretty U
2. Beautiful
3. Adore U
4. Still Lonely
5. Very NICE
6. Swimming Fool
7. Mansae
8. Boom Boom
9. We Gonna Make It Shine (by Vocal unit)
10. Don’t Listen Secretly (by Vocal unit)
11. Un Haeng Il Chi (by Hip hop unit)
12. Check In (by Hip hop unit)
13. OMG (by Performance unit)
14. Highlight (by Performance unit)
15. Crazy In Love
16. My I (by Jun and The8)
17. Habit
19. If I
20. Rock
21. Chuck
22. Don’t Wanna Cry
23. Shining Diamond
24. Healing

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