15,000 EXO-Ls braved Heavy Downpour to Party with EXO!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

One year after the success of the previous concert in Malaysia, EXO did not keep the fans to wait any longer as they were finally back in Malaysia again! Their third concert tour - EXO PLANET #3 – THE EXO’RDIUM was held at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur on 18th March 2017. 

Although many fans were disappointed to learn that one of the Chinese member – Lay would not be coming to this concert, the fans continued to show the support for the other 8 members as they chanted and sang along to every songs. Their support for Lay could also be seen as they shouted deafeningly whenever Lay appeared on the screen. We hope to see you next time, Lay! 

During the ment session, the boys endlessly expressed their appreciation to Malaysian fans for continuously supporting them. They have shown their love for their Malaysian fans by saying “Saya Cinta Pada Mu” repeatedly, and EXO’s leader – Suho even made his speech in English without needing any interpreter.

The Malaysian fans even prepared a birthday surprise for one of the member – Xiu Min whose birthday is on 26th March. The fans were holding up their phone screen with Xiu Min’s photo on, and they sang the birthday song in both Korean and English for him. 

Even though it was pouring during the end of the concert, that did not put out the passion of EXO and the fans. The boys were still playful as ever as they turned the concert into a water fight. 

Don’t you miss them already? Do not worry, as EXO has already promised that they will be back again for their next concert! 

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This event was brought to you by Star Planet.

1. VCR (Intro)
2. MAMA (remix)
3. Monster
4. Wolf (remix)
5. MENT #1
6. White Noise
7. Thunder
8. Playboy
9. Artificial Love
10. VCR
11. Unfair
12. MENT #2
My lady + My turn to Cry + Moonlight + Call me Baby + Love Love Love
14. What if
15. Tender Love
16. Love me Right
17. One and Only
18. Stronger
19. VCR
20. Heaven
21. XOXO
22. Girl x Friend
23. 3.6.5.
24. VCR (tender love)
25. Overdose
26. Transformer (remix)
27. Lightsaber
28. MENT #3
29. Do It Together
30. Full Moon
31. Drop That
32. Let out the Beast
33. Lucky
34. Run
35. Sing for You (Instrumental - ENCORE)
36. Growl
37. Lucky One
38. MENT #4
39. Angel

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