Sunday Entertainment: Meet the Worldwide Favourite Artist, GOT7 in Malaysia

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

GOT7 headlined as the Worldwide Favourite Artist at MAMA 2016 on last Friday (2 Dec). They not only proved their enormous popularity in Korea but to the world as well. Right after the huge recognition, GOT7 headed to Malaysia for the third times for GOT7 Flight Log “Turbulence” in MalaysiaIGOT7 from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China and more waited in eager anticipation for GOT7 arrival. More than thousands of fans thronged Mega Star Arena on Sunday (4 December 2016) to show their support to the boys.

GOT7 are no strangers to Malaysia, they filmed their first music video "A" in KL and held their first fans meeting set last year at KL Live. This year, GOT7 spared their time and moments with Malaysian fans. Jamming from the ballad song, Let Me til the hit songs, A - GOT7 getting people in the crowd to scream and chant frenzy during their performance.  
Highlights of Q&A session:
All the members picked YoungJae and the Q&A session ended as YoungJae’s Day. Starting from singing, sexy dancing with Yugyeom and even rapping, no doubt that YoungJae is our all time favourite.
Highlights during the Game session – Guess the item inside the black box:
The boys were separated into 2 teams - the older team (JB, Jinyoung, Jackson, Mark) and the younger team (Bambam, Youngjae & Yugyeom).

Inside the black boxes were Star Fruit and Dragon Fruit, Bambam started by touching the fruit, he then said confidently:’ ohhh~ I’m from Thailand…’ and audiences burst into laughter as we knew what was inside the box.

Both teams got the correct answers but Jackson’s hilarious response made the audiences broke out into a bigger laughter. ‘Oh! I know it shaped like a star but I didn’t know it really called Star Fruit! I only know the Chinese name, 星果 (xing guo), said shockingly by Jackson.

The loser of the teams took Polaroid with the ugly pose and it was given to the lucky fans. Guess what? - the losers were Bambam and Jackson.
Highlights during the performance – Fans project:
The touching ambiance was filled when fans were holding the banners  함께 오래 오래 가자’ (let’s stay together for a long time).

Yugyeom: I love you~ GOT7 and IGOT7 will be forever together. We will work harder to come back.

Bambam: We have lots of memories here but we have not much time. We really hope to come back and have more time to perform here.

JB: They are many good things that happen recently, we even received a big award! GOT7 existence is because of you – IGOT7.

YoungJae: I’m very happy to come back to Malaysia~ I love you Malaysia.
Mark: 2016 is been a great year for GOT7 because of our fans. As what Bambam said we filmed one of our music videos here and so Malaysia always has a place in my heart.

Jinyoung: Our fan club name, Agasae in Korea actually means the small birds but actually our fans are like the big birds. How much you love us, we’ll love you more in return. I love you.

Jackson: Like I always say, without you guys we are nothing, we’ll not have GOT7, albums, even fans meeting, so we’re really thankful.
After all the sweet and tearing comments by the members, Jackson then lightened up the atmosphere and said in Cantonese: ‘I know the weather is hot but this doesn’t mean that you can wear shorts and show your legs’.  ps: he’s acting like a jealous boyfriend

GOT7 Flight Log “Turbulence” in Malaysia 2016 ended with Hello Session and Photo session. We would like to thank IME Productions and Three Angles Production for the invite. Check out for more HD photos here. 

Set list

1. Let Me

2. Prove It

3. Boom Boom Boom

4. No Jam

5. Fly

6. If You Do

7. Hard Carry

1. Home Run
2. A

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