Jooyoung's 'Sphere' Concert in Singapore: A Night of Soulful Discovery

Saturday, June 01, 2024

On a balmy evening in Singapore, fans of Jooyoung gathered at Annexe Studio, anticipating a night of musical enchantment. Korean R&B singer-songwriter Jooyoung graced the stage with his concert titled <Sphere>. This marked a significant milestone in his career with his first Asia tour, bringing an exceptional blend of Korean R&B and introspective lyricism to his fans.

As the lights dimmed and first notes filled the air, Jooyoung opened the concert with "Wonder". He set the tone for the evening with a reflective and serene vibes, inviting the audience into his world of contemplation and soulful melodies. 

One of the evening's highlights was "Misfits Sunday," a song inspired by his close-knit group of friends. He shared with the audience the Korean concept of 눈치, which involves developing a keen situational awareness of others' thoughts and feelings.

Another song that deeply resonated with him was "My Souls Worn Out". The song provided a moment of reflection, detailing his challenging life journey as an artist. The raw emotion in his voice was palpable as he sang about perseverance and the weariness that comes from overcoming life's obstacles. 

In addition to his latest album, he delighted fans with performances of his popular hits "Prada" and "Planet Girl," both of which showcased his unique blend style of R&B. Adding a special touch to the evening, he performed heartfelt covers of Paul Anka's "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" and The Carpenters' (They Long To Be) Close to You".

Through <Sphere>, the artist not only entertained but also invited the audience to ponder the contrasts of life, blending joy and sorrow, light and darkness, in a way that felt deeply personal and universally relatable. The performance was a testament to his artistic growth and personal evolution, it was not just a showcase of his vocal prowess but an intimate exploration of life's dualities and emotional depths.

As the last notes lingered in the air, he concluded the concert with "Dive". It was clear that Jooyoung had not just performed a concert, but had shared a piece of his soul with everyone present. The audience left with hearts full and spirits lifted.

We'd like to thank Onion Production for extending the invitation.

Article by: Nigel

Photo by: Nigel & Wei Wen

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