Fallin' for Mark Tuan All Over Again! Mark Tuan 'The Other Side Asia Tour; in Malaysia was One In A Million

Sunday, January 07, 2024


A night to remember for all Ahgase who has been waiting. GOT7 Mark Tuan returns to Malaysia after 2590 days. Wowing fans with his suave and aegyo.
Mark Tuan 'The Other Side' Asia Tour in Malaysia kicked start with him singing 'After Hours'. Like the title, eager fans were screaming and celebrating his appearance after hours of waiting! His stage charm definitely burst the hearts of the fans! Probably fans needed a save me from his first song, the second song for the night was 'save me' The first set continued with change up, exhausted and at my low from his 'the other side' album. He continued the show with far away, last breath, this song carried sentiments for fellow Ahgase as it was Mark's first solo song after returning to his home in LA. Malaysia fans were satisfied and happy that we got to listen to this live and let you go.
Before singing the next song, Mark greeted and interacted with the fans. Mark shared that it has been 10 years since he debuted with GOT7. The past 10 years has precious part of him and he is thankful for the continous support fans has been giving. He promised there will be more of GOT7 in the near future. They are working very hard as solo for now but will return as a group when the time align and hopefully have a concert tour. Of course, Malaysia will be part of it (hopefully). p/s: We're marking your words Mark! We want the whole GOT7 here to perform and enjoy the Malaysia fans warmth. Mark quipped that the next song will be his saddest and most emo song for the night by singing my life. Through this song, fans got to see another side of Mark. Listening to his vocals accompanied by the soft piano telling his own story. The songs travels through his journey in self discovery through hardship, wanting things to be different and navigating to find his true self. And now, we got the upbeat and hype side of Mark back dancing and singing songs from his latest EP, Fallin' that matches his skill and personality so well! The songs are groovy, cheerful yet with a hint of shyness really does make up to his vocal and dance style. What's makes this EP more meaningful for him and us Ahgase is that Mark was involved in the entire creative process and we could feel the pride he has on the EP through his songs. The retro style choreography and matching his outfit for the night, couldn't help but have us heads over heels with him over and over again with him. Performing Fallin' and Your World got our eyes all glued to him. Mark stage presence is something notable, the fans managed to bring out the extrovert side of him inspite of his introvert personality who is usually quiet and shy. Mark kept the crowd moving by interacting with fans from all direction. The set continue with Mark performing broken, selfish, hard 2 love, more before inviting his friend, Wesley on stage collaborating 2 faces. Turning up the atmostphere a little more with uptempto of lonely.
How we wished time will slow down a little when Mark mentioned he has 3 more songs left for the night. Well, we will make every moment count! And this is when Everyone Else Fades is being sung and it does feel like only Mark Tuan existed and shining brightly on stage and performing for fans he loves. Nights Still Young got crowd on their feet and having a great time - might be a silent reminder for us and Mark that the night still can go on as it's young :p. The set ended Carry Me Out (well, can we carry Mark home?)
The second Mark left the stage, the atmosphere was filled with encore! Wanting more from Mark. Mark came back for his encore stage with Never Gonna Come Down, One In A Million, my name, This Is Everything and a remix version of imysm. Malaysia Ahgase prepared a suprise video for Mark as a reminder that is loved and has brought so much happiness for fans. And fans will always be here supporting him and GOT7.
Dear Mark Tuan, like your encore song list, Malaysia Ahgase are Never Gonna Come Down and will be always support you and GOT7 cause all of you are our One In A Million and remember my (our) name is Ahgase. This is Everything we envision and (we) imysm already! Looking forward to the next time!

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