Warm and True to Heart: Kim Seon Ho Showers Fans with Love at 'One, Two, Three. Smile' Fan Meeting in KL

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

The Mega Star Arena in Kuala Lumpur lit up on a Friday night like never before when South Korean heartthrob Kim Seon Ho graced the stage for his solo fan meeting 'One, Two, Three. Smile' as part of his Asia tour. The anticipation was palpable, with fans donning blue and white attire to symbolize their love and support for the actor. Kim Seon Ho, in his maiden visit to Malaysia, left an indelible mark on the hearts of his Malaysian fans.
Before the fan meeting at night, Kim Seon Ho made a special appearance to greet the press, exuding excitement about the evening's event. With a warm smile, he shared his anticipation of meeting his fans later that night, setting the stage for the electrifying fan meeting that was to follow.
The evening kicked off with a mesmerizing performance of Paul Kim's "Every day, every moment," where Kim Seon Ho's velvety voice washed over the audience, setting the perfect tone for the unforgettable night ahead. 
After his performance, the actor took a moment to greet his adoring fans, saying, "It's my first time in Malaysia, and everything seems so pretty and nice. I'm amazed every single time I'm in the city." The warmth of his words only intensified the crowd's excitement.
Throughout the show, Kim Seon Ho's warm and genuine personality shone through, endearing him even more to his fans. He interacted with the audience in an unscripted, heartfelt manner, making everyone feel like they were sharing a moment with a close friend. 
The evening continued with a segment where Kim Seon Ho shared behind-the-scenes anecdotes from his recent movie, "The Childe," and talked about the characters he aspires to portray in his upcoming projects. It was a peek into the mind of a versatile actor with a deep passion for his craft. 
Amidst the revelations, Kim Seon Ho shared his culinary cravings, expressing a desire to taste Malaysian delights like cendol and the infamous durian. He also revealed his plans to explore iconic Malaysian landmarks, including KLCC, the bustling Jalan Alor night market, and the picturesque Bird Park. True to his word, the actor ventured out the next day to experience these local treasures, leaving fans in awe.
During the fan meeting, Kim Seon Ho delighted the audience by reenacting memorable scenes from popular dramas he starred in, including "Catch the Ghost" and "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha." A few lucky fans were handpicked to join him on stage for games and interactions, creating unforgettable memories for both the fans and the actor. 
One lucky fan was gifted a unique souvenir - a cap designed by Kim Seon Ho himself, created right there on stage, making it a cherished memento of the evening. However, it was not just the fans showering love on Kim Seon Ho. The fans prepared a heartwarming surprise – a video tribute that left the actor teary-eyed as he watched it projected on the big screen. It was a testament to the deep connection he shares with his fans. 
Lastly, before concluding the night, Kim Seon Ho joined his fans for a group photo, capturing a moment that would forever remind them of this incredible evening. The cheers and smiles in that picture echoed the pure joy that filled the Mega Star Arena. The evening concluded with a soul-stirring performance of "Reason," leaving the audience in a state of blissful euphoria. As the lights dimmed and the cheers echoed, it was evident that Kim Seon Ho's first visit to Malaysia had left an enduring mark on everyone present.
Kim Seon Ho's solo fan meeting 'One, Two, Three. Smile' in Kuala Lumpur was a testament to the actor's immense talent, his warm-hearted personality, and the unwavering love of his fans. As the night came to an end, fans had the chance to personally greet him during the goodbye session, adding a personal touch to an already unforgettable experience. It was clear that this was a memory that both the actor and his fans would cherish for a lifetime.

Official Photos from PULP

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